We received several books from National Geographic Kids and Anthony was thrilled!  Anthony loves science, it is his biggest passion.  Everything about science, from home kits and experiments to science class at school, he just thrives at it all.  He also wants to know as much information as possible about everything he see’s.

  Museums are his favorite place to visit and he doesn’t just run though looking at the items that excite him or use the hands on things,  Anthony wants to read every plaque of facts attached to every exhibit.  I love seeing his thirst for knowledge, knowing his struggles with a language delay he easily could have become frustrated and gave up.  However he has the opposite effect when he loves the subject.  As a science lover and a boy who always wants to know every fact about EVERYTHING, National Geographic books are the best!  They are always jam packed with information about all sorts of things and the information is presented in such a fun and cool way.  
This holiday season these are the 4 books he has been obsessed with: 

I loving how much he is enjoying these books, and how proud he feels when he tells others some facts he has learned.
These are definitely great books for children!

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