Lilly has been in love with American Girl Dolls for about a year now.  She got a Bitty Babies when she was younger and she adored these dolls.  However she wasn’t old enough to understand the American Girl name or exactly what they were, beyond being baby dolls.  Now she is older and everyone is talking about American Girl everything.  Her cousins, friends, and classmates all talk about which doll they have, and of course their wish list of accessories they want.

I never understood the world of American Girl until last Christmas when Lilly received her first “real” doll from her grandparents.  She got the girl of the year doll, “Isabell”, and that was the day we all started hearing about everything and anything American Girl.  However along with these dolls come a long list of adorable furniture, clothes, and accessories that each come with a hefty price tag.  Lilly takes great care of these dolls and truly loves them so it is a collection I enjoy indulging in with her.  However like most mothers I am always looking for a way to get the AG dolls she loves so much, while saving money.  This often leans me towards looking for used dolls and accessories, unfortunately I’ve learned that purchasing stuff online usually ends up not being “gently used” or items are simply priced in a way that it makes more sense to buy new.
Then a couple weeks ago, I found the answer to this dilemma and right in time for Christmas shopping!  Buttons and Bows Consignment Boutique in Acton Massachusetts holds and annual American Girl Resale Event!  
Throughout the year they purchase used American Girl products while purchasing other used items from their consignors.  Except they don’t put the doll products on the sales floor, instead they keep them until the end of the year and hold a large event on a Saturday in December.
This works out awesome for folks like me who have American Girl fans at home, because we are able to buy used items that are priced right and are looked over to ensure they are in great condition.
While my main focus right now is about these being Lilly’s toys, I also started learning about how much of a collectors item these dolls can be.  Reselling for hundreds and even thousands of dollars on many resale sites, once certain dolls are retired.  This resale event is also a great place for collectors!  
The basement of this upscale yet affordable consignment store was packed with retired dolls, furniture and accessories.  However everything was reasonably priced.
How do you shop?
First off, follow Buttons and Bows on Facebook and Instagram.  This is the best place to stay up to date on events and inventory.  Then next November remember to look for the event date, it is held in early December and they give plenty of notice to shoppers. 

Also get there a little early, The event opened at 10am this year, I arrived about 30 minutes early to get pictures and there was already a line of about 15-20 people.  Once the doors open and customers flood in and things sell quick.  Shoppers are there for a reason and that is to buy, they purchase a lot and choose quickly.  Within about 30 minutes the tables were picked over and within an hour the tables were practically empty.

Also watch the stores promo statuses and sneak peaks on Facebook.  This way so you have an idea of what inventory is available and then are able to prepare a mental note of what your shopping wish list is.  
To put the sale in perspective, it was like the black Friday of American Girl shopping to me.  It was fun and everyone was excited, but it went quickly.
This year they had such an amazing selection:
There were Bitty Babies and Bitty Twins
There were pets galore!
There was racks and racks of clothes and accessories!
Then there were dolls, so many dolls!  Older dolls and newer dolls, Mini dolls, Plus the furniture that correlated with each doll.  The inventory was amazing.
I can’t wait to shop again next year!
In the mean time, I always keep a close eye on other inventory at Buttons and Bows.  Consignment shopping (and selling) is one of the biggest ways I save money as a mom of 3.  As one of my favorite consignment shops, I love how Buttons and Bows always has a great inventory of name brands the kids want and adorable styles.  Best of all the store is set up in a boutique fashion and has a clean and friendly atmosphere.  So it easy to shop in and never feels as though you are shopping resale!
Make sure to check them out next time your in the area!

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