I’m Katrina, a “gringa wife” to my Brazilian husband, a Mommy to 3 children who always keep me on my toes, a follower of Jesus, and a Bostonian who packed up her family to live the Floridian life. We moved partly for the warm weather, partly to be close to my parents, and mostly to be close to the Mouse!

I am a fierce advocate for children on the Autism Spectrum and as a travel addict, I love showing fellow autism moms that it is possible to take the adventures and make the memories everyday.

The Start of Mommyhood Life...

In 2009, I was sitting in a small apartment with a preschooler and two newborns, with a husband who owned a restaurant and worked endless hours, it didn’t take long for me to start feeling lost and lonely.

I love being a mom, and it is the only job I every truly wanted but I still needed an outlet. So, one night I started a blog, not thinking of it as any more than a personal journal that had the added perk of keeping my family from Brazil up to date on our lives. 

I had used writing as an outlet my entire life, so I quickly fell in love with the idea of a virtual notebook.  

10 years later, this site has become a business, lead to countless opportunities for my family, friendships that mean the world to me, and I honestly couldn’t imagine a life without blogging.

Meet the Family Behind the Blog

My husband, Antonio, and I were married in 2003.  We’ve grown up together, moved to Brazil and back together, created 3 beautiful children, moved our family across the country, and after 15 years of marraige, we continue to create amazing memories together.

Merging two cultures together isn’t easy, and I never sugarcoat the struggles and stress that comes with adapting and compromising on cultural differences and language misunderstandings. However, we are still here, together, putting the puzzle pieces together every step of the way.

The Kids


Our oldest son, Anthony, is our serious boy who loves museums, STEM club, traveling to new places and learning about everything he lays his eyes on.

Anthony is 13 years old and is about to enter high school, which is teaching me a whole new type of motherhood.

When Anthony was 4 years old, the twins were born and our life went from calm to chaos but in the most amazing way!


Aidan is my rambunctious and adventurous boy who loves sports, animals, and making friends everywhere he goes.

Aidan is 9 years old and was diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum at age 2.

Aidan has taught me how strong I am in so many ways. Advocating for him, protecting about him, and watching him grow has been the hardest and greatest job I have been blessed with.

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Lilly is the princess of the family.  She loves fashion, getting her nails done, baking and anything that is the color gold.

Lilly is 9 years old and Baby B of the twins, meaning she is also the baby of the family. Although, she thinks she is the oldest and likes to care for and boss her brothers around.

She is my best friend and is teaching to love myself and work hard because a little girl is always watching.

Our Family

In our family Disney is an obsession, our passports are never expired, family movie nights are a weekly event, we bake from Nana’s cookbook, trips to Brazil are always on the calendar, and we are never too tired for new adventures and making memories together.

Now That We Are Friends...

You should know what makes me swoon (beyond my family of course)

Anything that reminds me of back home in Boston, Traveling anywhere, Making Blogger Friends because “Bloggers Get Bloggers”, Chunky Monkey Ice Cream, PINK sweatpants, Ice Coffee, Shopping, Campfires, Indoor Swimming Pools, Apple Picking, Singing when no one is listening, dancing when no one is watching, and wine, lots of wine!

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