“I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Influence Central for Virgin Mobile USA which is one of Sprint’s prepaid brands. I received two Virgin Mobile smartphones to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation. ”
I know it’s a constant debate between mom’s “what age is the right age for a child to get their first cell phone”.  I’ve heard the pros and cons for years and opted to give my oldest a cell phone when he turned 10.  For the first few months he only used it to text his uncle who is living in South Carolina, and to call his grandparents.  He was always with my husband or I, so it wasn’t exactly a necessity yet but I wanted him to improve his phone skills (his language delay has caused some phone related anxiety) and just in case there was an emergency.

However this week he started middle school and “ALL the kids” get to bring their phones to use during free time and on the bus.  So I began allowing him to bring his also as long as I get it at the end of the night.
Well on the second day of school, I had one of the scariest afternoons as a mommy.  About 30 minutes before Anthony was due to get off the bus, I got a call from the school social worker asking how Anthony was adjusting and if there were any problems because he wasn’t in school.  My heart immediately jumped into my throat and my voice screeched as I shouted “what do you mean, I walked him to the bus stop and put him on the bus this morning!”
The school started calling classroom teachers trying to see if anyone had him that day, while I ran to the bus stop just in time to see the bus pass our street without stopping.  I was in a panic and ready to call 911, as my husband calmly called Anthony’s phone.  Within minutes I could see the bus turning around because the bus driver missed the stop and it turned out Anthony had been registered in two homerooms.  
I was scared and almost in tears, with a new school, new bus, and no one knowing where my “baby” was.  After that afternoon, I am positive that giving him a cell phone was the right decision.
We also do not have a home phone line because both my husband and I use our cell phones for everything.  So as my son gets older and starts being able to stay alone, having a cell phone for emergencies will be even more necessary.
However with all that, I still didn’t want to sign a contract for his phone plan.  His needs may change over time, as he starts calling and texting friends or using apps for school and needing more data.  I just didn’t want to be locked into anything for two years.
So I was thrilled when Virgin Mobile sent me an their Data Done Right Survival Kit to try out their service and their new Data Done Right plan that is exclusively at Walmart.
I am loving this plan!  As far as data goes, we go through a lot of it.  Naturally I use the most given my career, however the kids have been using more and more between games and streaming videos.  It was becoming a problem, especially during our last road trip, when I realized one of the little data hogs had used so much data that in turn my husbands phone was running very slow.
When I got home and opened this box, I laughed so hard because we had just had a family squabble about data sharing on the last leg of the car ride.  Plus Virgin Mobile has moms in mind, they came up with a cool chore chart to help the kids earn their data.  
Let me tell you, getting the kids to do their chores has never been this easy!
My livingroom needs to be vacuumed a couple times a day to keep Lilly’s asthma under control especially in the colder months.  Anthony now does it with out being asked, plus I haven’t walked upstairs to an unmade bed since implementing the Data Done Right chore chart.
I think this is a great plan for families and helps give the kids a visual of working for what they want.
Daddy’s happy that the kids are not hogging all the data anymore. Mommy’s happy that the kids are helping out without being asked.  The kids are happy they can take selfies and play their games once the chores are done.  It’s working out great all around.
Divvying up data on the phones is simple, watch this:
Being able to make my kids work for their data isn’t the only awesome perk of this plan!  Check out these great features too:
o   Parental control features with device curfew and app restrictions.
o   No additional monthly line fees. No contract.
o   Sprint® Nationwide Network
o   One-touch data buy-up options, which range depending on your need for more data.
o    Popular social media and music streaming apps without data charges, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pandora – unlimited usage without counting against your data allotment, for just $5 per month.
o   Flexible international calling/texting options.
Besides the data sharing, the parental controls are my favorite!

Virgin Mobile is pretty fantastic, right?  Head over to Walmart and get your Data Done Right!

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