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Before the summer began, I told you about a great new online service I tried called Amwell. It was a web-service that allowed me to connect with a doctor online and be treated from the comforts of my own home.

I was so excited about this service, knowing how busy my summer was going to be, between traveling to Brazil, a road trip to Florida, and preparing for new schools. I was right to be excited, I ended up with a UTI while traveling and Aidan got an ear infection while we were far away from our doctors office. Amwell helped me get treated quickly so we could continue enjoying our trip.

Now, Amwell has even more to love! They are offering a Diet and Nutrition section along with a Psychology section.

The Diet and Nutrition area of Amwell allows you to connect directly to a nutritionist who can help you with anything from food allergies to weight loss. Nutritionists are available online, Monday through Friday from 9am to 9pm ET and on Saturdays from 10am to 6pm.
This means you don’t need to miss a day of work or pull the kids out of school to be seen, the hours are great.

Amwell Psychology is another great feature being offered. They have dozens of psychologists and counselors that have been trained in telehealth.

As a busy mom I find the medical and nutrition aspects of Amwell a great option for me to get things done that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to due to time limitations or distance. However the Psychology feature amazes me. I have wondered for a long time why a program like this wasn’t available and I am thrilled to learn about it.
I personally have reached out to make local appointments with a psychologist for help dealing with chronic health issues I have, and it can take over a month to get in to see either a councilor or psychologist. I have also witnessed family members and close friends come close to having break downs while having no resources to help them.

So you have to wait months to get assigned a counselor, while you wait you possibly fall further into depression or have bigger anxiety issues. If your lucky enough to have someone who notices the problem and brings you to the emergency room, like I have done with family members after the death of her child, you are just loaded up on medication and sent on your way. Our mental health care system is broken, that is obvious. However having an option like this where while I’m waiting to get into see that doctor who has a long wait list, I can log on from my own home and talk to some one. How amazing is that!
This is a service I know so many people can benefit from, even for those mommy melt down moments when you just need to talk to talk to someone, who isn’t involved in your day to day life. Having a counselor available online, is incredible.

Like I said last time I talked about Amwell, you can pull up your health record at anytime. So when you get a chance to visit your primary care doctor you can show him your Nutritionist appointment record. Or when you get into see a local mental health professional you can bring your record from Amwell. This allows you to keep everyone providing you health care on the same page.

Amwell is definitely a great health care option to try, and I have a coupon code to help make that easier.
Coupon Code: CARENOW16

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