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All the Family Attractions at Thomas Land at Edaville USA


A Day in Thomas Land at Edaville USA

We love Edaville USA, I have been talking about this great attraction for years.  I love how it’s nostalgic layout brings flashbacks of visiting with my Nana, plus it never seems to be incredibly crowded so it is a perfect outing for us moms with multiple kids.
Last summer we didn’t get to visit Edaville because we were so busy traveling back and forth to Brazil and Florida.  However, I knew I wanted to get there as soon as possible this summer to check out the new Thomas Land.  The kids and I loved Edaville USA when it was just a few rides, some fishing, and a trip on the train.  Then the boys were ecstatic with the addition of Dino Land.  Now after exploring Thomas Land, I am amazed at how far Edaville has come, they are bringing a new and fun feeling to the park without impacting that nostalgic feeling that means so much to many families.
As we walked in we could immediately see the renovations that are taking place, where once was wooden fences is now a small town feeling of display buildings.  Aidan actually said, “mom this almost looks like Disney”.  However, once we got to the pond, we could tell it was still the Edaville we loved.  With wide streets to walk down, short lines for rides, and the nice slow paced family day that we always enjoy.
Once we got to the Thomas Land area, the kids were in awe, especially Aidan my little Thomas fan.  The rides were awesome and perfect for all ages.  Every inch was made with a Thomas and Friends theme, it was a blast.
We started our visit by taking a ride on the Winston’s Skyline Express, which was a perfect way to see all of Thomas Land on a slow-moving scenic tour.  The views were beautiful and the kids got to pick which rides they wanted to run to next.
Next, we headed over to Anthony’s favorite ride, the Troublesome Trucks Runaway Coaster.  This is a cute coaster that offers thrills of turns and slopes that are perfect for the kids.
As you can see the boys thought this runaway coaster was awesome.  Next, we headed over to Cranky’s Crane Drop.  Despite Aidan’s screaming face, he went on this ride 3 times and if I didn’t tell him we were heading to see to Thomas, he never would have gotten off.
As Lilly obsessed over the Sir Topham Hat fountain, and Antonio got a kick out of the milkman outside the Sodor Sweet Shop, Aidan got to head over to the Tidmouth Sheds and see Thomas and his friends!
Lilly’s favorite ride was the Spinning Lady Bug Coaster, because what 6-year-old girl doesn’t want to ride a roller coaster shaped like ladybugs!
The kids also loved the Firefighting Flynn, Toby’s Tilting Tracks, and Harold’s Lift Off.  Before starting our way out of Thomas Land.
We stopped in for some Bumper Cars fun because it’s not a trip to Edaville Railroad without heading into that big brick building.  I miss the big train display but I am sure it will be relocated soon with all the renovations taking place.  The kids loved the new Arcade next to the Bumper Cars too.
Before heading home for the day we had to make sure to wave as Thomas passed and then we got some good old Edaville USA Fishing in.
Are you planning a trip to Edaville USA this summer?  Check here for a list of the unique events they have going on this year.  When we visited last weekend The Berenstain Bears were visiting.

Visiting Thomas Land at Edaville USA 

5 Pine Street
Carver, MA 02330
Adults and Children 4 & Over: $37.00
Children 2 & 3 Years Old and Seniors: $32.00
(Discounts available when tickets are purchased online)
Disclosure: We received free passes to help facilitate this post.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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