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As a stay at home mom of kids that are in school, I constantly feel like I am being judged.  People question what I do with my days and I constantly get the “You can do this for me right, you’re home all day” statement.  The thing is, I feel like I am busier now than I ever was as a mom working outside the home or a mom of babies.  My days are packed, I wish I could say yes to all the needs people place on me, but my days feel like they are never ending and when I take just one day off to go for lunch, I fall behind.
The kids school’s schedule was changed this year, which has me up before the sun rises.  My 9 am bus stop waits have turned into bus stop waits before 7 in the morning.  This adjustment has been a huge struggle for all of us.  I am not a morning person and niether are my kids, so waking kids up when I’m barely able to keep my eyes open myself is no easy task.
An average day starts with me stumbling into the kitchen to press the start button for coffee.  That button gets pressed over and over through out the day to keep me going.
Once i have my coffee, I have three kids to get up, dressed, fed, and off to school.  Plus they are on different schedules so I am constantly making trips to the bus stop. 
Once all the kids are off to school, the house may feel quiet but it is certainly not still.  The laundry starts, house cleaning needs to be done, emails need to be checked, and dinner needs to be planned.  Once the house is in order, I try to make myself presentable for they day and then start to take care of any errands that need to be done.  This means calling doctors, emailing teachers, paying bills, getting prescriptions, grocery shopping, and endless appointments.  
Plus in between all the average daily to-do’s, I have to work on keeping my social media updated, promoting prior blog posts, and take as many blog photos as possible while the natural outside light is best.
Before I know it, the clock starts dinging telling me it is time to start the mommy run around with cross-country, science, soccer, dance and what ever other activities happen to be going on each season.  Once we all get home it’s a whirlwind of a night schedule.
Homework needs to be done, dinner made, bath time, and trying to squish in some fun time between the repetitive nightly needs.
Once the kids are settle in bed it’s back to work for mommy.  I try to clean up a little and then it’s my writing time.  I try to answer as many emails as possible so that my inbox doesn’t become overwhelming, I edit pictures, and then I write.  I blog for hours and then I look up at the clock every night without fail and curse myself as I realize it’s past midnight and the next day will be starting before I know it.  Lights out!
I love being a work at home mom however there is a  constant feeling that I need to prove I am not home eating bonbons all day watching TV.  
The truth is that my coffee time is my only down time, and that coffee is what keeps me on my game.  
I love my coffee!  I look forward to my morning cup up coffee, and I enjoy every time I can sit down quietly through out the day and sip another cup.  My coffee routine is calming and relaxing, and I am thrilled when I find new ways of making that coffee routine yummier!
 Folgers is doing just that with the new Folgers Flavors.  I drink a lot of coffee, and I love finding fun ways to mix it up.  Being able to change up my coffees flavor anytime I want with just a squirt of these little containers that I can take anywhere with me. 
They don’t need to be refrigerated and make any cup of coffee delicious, hot or iced.

They’re available in 4 flavors, Vanilla, Hazelnut, Caramel, and Mocha.  I’ve been remixing my coffee, YouTube star Mike Tompkins has been remixing his coffee, now it’s your turn.  Enter to win two samples of Folgers Flavors

Two Samples of Folgers Flavors
Ends November 10th 2015
Contest entrants are only eligible to win once per sweepstake, per household as part of a campaign sponsored by Influence Central.
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Make sure you try these fun little containers full of flavor next time you do your coffee shopping!

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