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Father’s Day is this weekend, Summer vacation starts next week, and there are countless things the kids want to do this summer.  Like most families, summer is an expensive time for our household.  The kids are home and eating our cabinets bare, plus day trips and vacations can add up quickly.
I like to start preparing for summer break a few months ahead of time by trying to lower our bills with great deals like Walmart’s low priced unlimited talk, text and data cell plans, and eating outside while creating a restaurant feel. 

Here are my 5 Summer Money Saving Tips:
1.  Buy in bulk before the kids get out of school.  I hate grocery shopping with the kids!  I always end up spending double what I intended on spending and leave the grocery store with a carriage full of junk food when I have the kids with me.  So I like to do a huge grocery shopping right before school breaks.
The kids are out of school for 2 months, so I like to get a large supply of juice boxes, freeze pops, fruit snacks, and other foods that wont go bad in a two month time frame.  This way I only need to do small and quick grocery shopping trips each week, that I can do easily without the kids.  I keep the stock pile of food in the basement and bring up a weeks supply at a time, so that the kids don’t eat it all in the first week.
2.  Make a list of fun and free things to do over the summer.  Day trips can add up quickly, so I like to make a list of places we can visit for little to know cash.  In my area there are several local playgrounds, water spray parks, pools, and beaches that we can spend the day at without spending a dime.  There are also some great monuments, beaches that have weekly fireworks, and some museums that have free admittance on certain days, and all I would need to pay for is parking to take the kids.  These are great boredom busters that can keep the cash in my wallet.
3.  We also pack our lunches and snacks whenever possible.  A day at the beach can go from free to $50 quick if I have to buy 5 lunches and bottled water all day.  So I like to pack the cooler each day with the snacks I had stocked up on ahead of time.  I  also have the back of the mini-van well stocked and it stays like that all summer.  I keep an extra bathing suit, towel, and life jacket for each of the kids in the van.  We also have some pool toys and sand toys in there, this way we don’t need to buy anything at those fun beach side stores if we decide to take a sporadic swim. 
4.  Slim down the bills.  We spend less on electricity by spending time outside and keeping the air conditioner off.  Cooking outside is a big one, this way the house doesn’t get extra hot from the oven going.
You can have the cable turned off during the summer months while most shows are off for the season and most nights are spent outside anyways.  Then once the fall comes back, negotiate with the cable company to only restart up without a contract.  We do this each year and it easily saves us $150+ a year.
  We also saved on our cell phone bill by switching to Walmart’s Family Mobile.  The phones are priced great, Alcatel Pop Astro is only $64.88 and is a great smartphone. 
Plus a plan with unlimited talk, text and data which includes  1G of 4G LTE data is just $29.88 a month for the first phone line with no contract, credit check or overage charges.  That’s more than a 50% savings on what we were playing for our phone plans before switching!  That’s a great chunk of change back in my wallet for some summer fun!
Disclaimer: All prices for phones and plans included in this post are accurate as of the date of posting; however, these prices are subject to change. Please refer to or your local Walmart for current pricing.
5.  Stay home while enjoying holidays.  Father’s Day is this weekend and instead of spending a ton of money on going out to eat, we will be cooking out by my parents pool and relaxing.  We can eat great, within our grocery budget and it’s a lot less stressful than taking 3 kids to a restaurant. 
So what are the kids getting Dad for Father’s day?  One of his presents is of course the Alcatel Pop Astro Cell Phone.  The phone is sleek and has all the bells and whistles he likes in a phone including a great camera, touch screen, and best of all it’s budget friendly! (Luckily he rarely reads this so he wont know)

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