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My kids birthdays are my favorite days of the year, and I love making these days extra special for my kiddos.  Some times we have birthday parties, some times we just have a family dinner at a fun restaurant, and occasionally we’ll take a trip or go on an extra special outing.  No matter how we choose to celebrate their birthdays, these things rarely fall on the actual day they were born because weekends are easier for outings and parties.  So there are some other fun little treats that I enjoy surprising the kids with on their real birthday.
We start the day with a fun surprise. I like to blow up tons of balloons and cover the floor with them or use streamers and cross them all the way down the stairs so they have to run through them.  Last year we got cans up silly string and they woke up to a silly string fight.  It’s so much fun seeing their smiles as the wake up.

Then I make an extra special breakfast,  Birthday Pancakes.
Pour pancake mix onto skillet, then add sprinkles to the pancakes as they cook.  Once they are finished cooking top with syrup, sprinkles, and whip cream.
Add a candle, sing happy birthday, and you have a perfect birthday morning.

After their tummies are full and they are in full birthday mode, I like to give them a special Hallmark birthday card with a note from mommy inside.  I choose hallmark card because they have such an amazing selection.  No matter what my children’s current obsession is, Hallmark always has a card for that!  Plus I can grab them at Walmart along with everything else I need for a birthday celebration.

During Anthony’s recent 10th birthday, his favorite theme was the new Advengers movie so I went over to my local Walmart and of course they had a great selection of ©2015 MARVEL Avengers Birthday Cards
 One had a poster inside, another had stickers, and another popped up. 

 I could just imagine the sparkle in his eyes as he opened it and read Mommy’s message and that’s why I still love giving birthday cards.  I chose the one with the stickers so he could add them to his new sketchbook, but I also grabbed the other two versions for the twins to give him.  While in the hallmark section I was excited to see they had coordinating ©2015 MARVEL Avengers wrapping paper and gift bags too.  I love having everything cohesive and coordinating, so Hallmark made my day!

To make the school day fun, I send cupcakes to school.  We don’t always have parties but by sending a sweet treat to school for them to share with their classmates, their able to have a little celebration in the middle of the school day.
After the school days over and they get off the bus, I have their present hidden somewhere in the house that they have to find.

Anthony loved that all his presents were wrapped in ©2015 MARVEL Avengers wrapping paper! 

 While they look for their present, I make dinner.  They have a choice of their favorite meal or ice cream for dinner.

 Yes I know, their birthdays are not the days I make them eat healthy.  It’s a day full of cake, ice cream, pancakes, and lots of smiles.

How do you make birthdays extra special? 


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