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5 Common Driving Mistakes Moms Make

If we are to present an award to the best multitasker on the planet, the award will go to all moms. Indeed, moms are multitasking pros. The overwhelming amount of household tasks they juggle daily has made them pretty good at multitasking. Sometimes, though, they tend to carry this habit to the car.

You find some of them applying makeup with one hand while steering the wheel with the other. There are also instances of moms wiping their baby’s noses while at the steering wheel. Of course, there are other driving mistakes moms make. We have listed some of them below.

1.   Driving while drained

We know that driving while intoxicated increases your chances of being involved in an accident. But do you know that sleep deprivation has similar physiological effects as drinking alcohol and can make you, a tired mother, a dangerous driver?

Of course, juggling house chores, work, and motherhood can be exhausting. So, before you turn on your car’s ignition, ask yourself, “Am I conscious enough to drive?”

Don’t turn the ignition if the answer is negative. Instead of driving to the grocery store, do your shopping online. If you had a scheduled meeting with a friend, invite her to your house, instead. Don’t drive when tired. You are putting yourself and other innocent drivers and pedestrians at risk.

2.   Examining your baby

This might sound counterintuitive, but you should never divert your attention from the road to attend to your crying baby. Why? Doesn’t it make you a bad mother? No, it doesn’t! 

A lot could happen when you turn around, even for a few sec. to comfort your crying baby. A car may appear out of nowhere. A deer could scurry across the road. How do you react when you are busy comforting your baby?

We understand that it’s difficult to ignore your crying baby, but doing so while driving is in your interest and that of your baby. In fact, your crying baby is probably fine. Remember that babies cry for several reasons: tiredness, hunger, overstimulation, and boredom. Are any of these reasons life or death-threatening?

If you must comfort your baby, pull over first. You’ll be able to comfort your baby appropriately when you have nothing stealing or sharing your attention. You should also try to toss a few pacifiers and toys in the backseat to keep your baby distracted and engaged.

3.   Taking the wrong steps during conflicts

Of course, no one prays for any conflict whatsoever while driving. However, if any occur, you must take the right steps. Here are a few things to do after an accident:

  • Check yourself and other passengers for injuries.
  • Get to safety
  • Call 911
  • Wait for help
  • Exchange contact information
  • Document the scene

In addition to the above, it’s important you contact your insurer and start the claim process. You should contact a car accident attorney for assistance. This professional can guide you through the legal process while offering valuable legal advice.

4.   Being distracted by your phone

Yes, it only takes a few sec to grab your phone and reply to your friend’s questions about your weekend hangout plans. It also takes a few sec to check the notification from your bank. But within those few seconds, many things can happen on the road. And how do you react to those things when you are busy pressing your phone?

It doesn’t matter how urgent the text or call is. You should never text or answer a call while driving. If the call is important, pull over and answer it. Even answering a call to say “I’m driving. Call me back.” Isn’t advisable. If you aren’t aware, cell phone uses causes over 1 in 4 car accidents. Remember this when you feel urged to update your WhatsApp status while driving.

5.   Juggling several tasks in the car

Multitasking in the car is a no-no. Shifting your focus away from the road to apply your makeup for a few sec may not seem bad. After all, you aren’t on a highway, and it’s just for a few sec, not even up to a minute!

You know what? A car can suddenly veer into your lane in a split second. How do you react when you are busy trying to fix your makeup while looking in the rare-view mirror? It takes a split sec for accidents to occur. So you want to be 100% alert to react swiftly to situations that would prompt an accident.


If you observe all the above mistakes, you’ll realize that most of them come down to losing focus or divided attention while driving. This means many mothers get distracted while on the steering wheel. Sometimes, they get lucky, and sometimes they don’t. The morals? Ensure you stay focused when driving to reduce the chances of accidents.

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