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Month: October 2014

Lilly’s Fabkids October Outfit! We have a New Subscription Addiction, Fabkids for the little Fashionista ~ Review

*Disclosure – I was gifted an outfit to facilitate this review; as always all opinions are 100% my own and not influenced in anyway*
 Fabkids is my new subscription addiction!  I mean who doesn’t like new clothes?  Lilly is obsessed with clothes and picking out her outfits everyday can be a battle, so when a new beautiful outfit comes conveniently in the mail in fun bright pink packaging, Lilly is all smiles and so is mommy!

This is Lilly’s October outfit, and it is gorgeous!
The outfit has a black tunic dress.  The top of the dress has a leather like appearance with a flowy, A-line, layered organza bottom.  The back of the dress is accented with a bright zipper that coordinates great with matching leggings.
Every outfit includes 2 pieces, for just $29.95.  Fabkids is available in sizes 2-12 for both boys and girls.
After you sign up as a Fabkids VIP member you have till the 5th of each month to “skip the month” otherwise your credit card is charged the $29.95 monthly charge which gives you credit for an outfit pick.
You simply log onto your account and pick the outfit your child would love and it shows up at your door, in a bright blue or pink box!
No need to tackle the mall or search through stores for an affordable and fashionable set, Fabkids gives you a great selection at an affordable price every month!
Plus as another amazing perk, your first outfit is only $15!  Now that’s a great value!
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*Disclosure – I was gifted an outfit to facilitate this review; as always all opinions are 100% my own and not influenced in anyway*

Petunia Skincare’s Anti Aging Hyaluronic Acid Serum Review #petuniaskincare

*Disclosure:  We received a press sample to facilitate this review: all opinions are 100% my own*
Discover What Petunia Skincare Hyaluronic Acid Can Do to Help Reverse the Signs of Aging and Wrinkled Skin!
Don’t let the word “acid” fool you. Hyaluronic acid isn’t harsh or skin-stripping at all. In fact, it’s the exact opposite – a powerful moisture-binding ingredient that keeps skin plump and hydrated and, yes, young-looking.

Helps with:
 ~ Loss of elasticity and collagen
~ Dry and dehydrated skin
~ Crow’s feet and fine lines
~ Aging of the skin
~ Dull and lifeless skin
~ Dark circles and spider veins

What Petunia Skincare can do for your skin:
 ~ Super soft and supple skin
~ Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
~ Retain moisture and elastin in the skin
~ Younger looking skin
~ Radiant glowing skin

Halloween Cupcakes in a Jar

Cupcakes in a Jar Recipe Halloween

Cupcakes in a Jar for Halloween

If you’re searching for a recipe that will keep those hands clean, these Halloween Cupcakes in a Jar are just what you need!

Before you know it, Halloween will be here and children will be roaming the streets looking for treats and other fun ways to try to scare themselves silly. While Halloween may be full of everything sugar, I still like to make something homemade and unique that I can share with my kiddos to get them pumped up for the epic trick or treating that’s about to occur.

These Halloween Cupcakes in a jar are actually quite perfect for kids. Cupcakes are generally messy, right? While I can’t do anything about the time that the cupcakes travel to their mouths, I can assure you that their hands will stay clean with these Halloween cupcakes because they’ll be holding onto a jar instead or right on the cupcake.

Plus, not only are they super fun to eat, but they actually make a great gift to give to others on Halloween. If you have an elderly neighbor or a dear friend that you want to surprise, these Halloween Cupcakes in a Jar are certain to bring a smile to their face!


Celebrating National Cat Day with #CatPaw

*Disclaimer: I received a sample product to facilitate this review, all opinions are 100% my own*
Guess what today is?  National Cat Day! How are you celebrating?  We’re celebrating this fun little holiday playing with the Cat Paw!
This little toy from Wicked Cool Toys is so cute and funny.  We are all having a blast letting our “cat” get into all sorts of mischief, like raiding the candy we bought for all the little Halloween trick or treaters. 
I wonder how many we will be able chase off with the Cat Paw on Friday!

With the slow pull of an activation lever the cat paw will move forward with a friendly cat sound.  Push it quickly and the cat paw lunges forward with a roar! Cat paws move from friendly to feisty in no time!

I’m thinking these will be perfect stocking stuffers for the upcoming holidays!  They are the perfect size, budget friendly, and packed with fun.  I am sure that my three kiddos will all want one of their own and will be chasing each other around Christmas morning roaring at one another.
  They are also perfect gifts for grabs, any cat lover or for that person you never know what to get for.

The Cat Paw comes in several different soft and furry colors, Orange Tabby, White Persian, Black Cat, and Striped Tabby.  I was psyched I got an Orange Tabby one.  Once the kids are grown and the house is calmer I want a little orange kitten, but for now I’ll be playing with my Cat Paw!  Anthony wants a black Cat Paw, so that it will match Grammy and Papa’s cat, Socksy.  I am sure he will be chasing Socksy out from under the bed with the feisty sounds of a quick trigger pull.

Cat Paw’s are available on their website, also at ToysRus and Kmart.
Retail Cost is $9.99

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*Disclaimer: I received a sample product to facilitate this review, all opinions are 100% my own*

PlasmaCar Ride-On-Toy Review and Giveaway ~ Holiday Gift Guide 2014

*Disclosure:  I was provided with a product sample to help facilitate this review, all opinions 100% my own*

The PlasmaCar has become the kids go to toy when they get off the school bus, and I’m loving it!  It’s such a fun ride on toy and it’s getting them off the couch and moving around.

When the box came in the mail, the kids faces lit up and I was pleased at how simple the car was to put together.  I had it snapped together in minutes without needing help from the hubby, and the kids were zooming around in the PlasmaCar within minutes.  

The PlasmaCar definitely gets two thumbs up from this mom and a big smile from the kids.  As a mom of a nine year old and two five year olds, it can be hard finding toys that are suitable and entertaining for all three kids, and the PlasmaCar does the trick!  It works for all ages and both my sons and daughter enjoy it.  
It supports up to 220lbs so even mommy got in on the riding fun, which I’m sure the neighbors got a kick out of, but I have to say its a fun little car to zoom around in.
The PlasmaCar solves another mommy problem I have.  I live in New England, another words while it is a sunny 60 degree day today, the weatherman is calling for snow on Saturday.  Thats ok though, the weather doesn’t limit the PlasmaCar fun, It can be used inside and outside.  So we will get tons of use out of it even in the winter months and any toy that helps the kids burn energy while trapped inside is an awesome invention!  Please note that its not meant for use on hardwood floors, the wheels could damage some flooring. 
Product Specifics:
~ For ages 3+
~ Supports up to 220lbs
~ Kid Powered – No batteries needed
~ Patented safety seat keeps rider in a safe and comfortable position and minimizes tipping
~ Available in a wide selection of colors
Connect with PlasmaCar:



The Giveaway!


Enter to win a PlasmaCar

Giveaway ends November 5th 2014

*Disclosure:  I was provided with a product sample to help facilitate this review, all opinions 100% my own!*

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