It’s time!
I’m excited and I’m ready!
Time to get my life in gear!
I guess it sort of feels as though life has gotten away from me, I was just looking back at pictures of a Brazil trip we took in 2007 reminiscing of my pre twin body and my pre autism less stressful life.  I then looked at all my pics from our 2010 trip, post twins, post autism… but still seeing a sense of myself in the photos and not minding my body at all either.  However when I look at recent pictures I see of me (or me in the background because I sooo haven’t been to photogenic lately) and I can’t believe what I’ve let happen to my body, and when I think about it, my LIFE!
We have decided our next Brazil trip will be for New Years (2014), and yes, this is a definite reason to get my butt moving and get this body right!  Let’s face it those girls wear barely any clothes, with good reason, it is extremely hot! so yes I would like to get myself feeling comfortable and confident about my body.  However I really want to take it further, I think its time.  I want to finally full fill my goals and transform myself inside and out!
SOOOO Here goes nothing! It is starting now!
These are two fairly recent photos I found of me: 167lbs
My neurologist started me on a form of Adderall last month, in turn, the appetite suppressant side effect has made me lose a little over ten pounds, this is my current weight: 154lbs


  • Well, of course, Lose the rest of my weight I gained over the last 2 years.  I am 154lbs right now.  After the twins were born I worked hard to lose the weight and while I couldn’t get back down to my 130lbs pre twin self, I was able to get down to the 140lbs range and was happy.  I went out bought new clothes, that weren’t mommy sweats, and felt OK in one of those Brazilian bikini’s down there in 2010… granted I still wore a tankini up here, but things are just different down there… lol… so my goal is to fit into all the clothes I bought in 2010 (the # doesn’t matter as much as the feeling of fitting into all those skinny jeans comfortably!)
  • I also want to get my teeth fixed, I have two crowns, 1 bridge, and my teeth are crooked, chipped and yellow!  I hate to smile.  I’ve had braces twice, once as a teenager but I didn’t wear my retainer so they quickly shifted back.  The second time was when we were living in Brazil in 2005 because they were so cheap there, I had them taken off too soon when we moved back because of finances, but I wore my retainer for years and they still shifted back.  So I don’t know what my next steps will be but I’m sure they’ll be expensive steps considering I don’t have dental insurance.  However, I dream of being able to smile confidently someday soon!
  • My everyday life changes regarding appearance are that I want to start following a daily beauty regimen as far as caring for my face, hair and skin go.  I want to keep up my hair and nails (as a stay at home mom, I got into the habit of doing these two things maybe twice a year for parties or vacay but I really want to keep them up)  Start an exercise plan, eat healthily, AND start getting dressed every day!  I cant tell you how many times I’ve stayed in sweats for a week only getting “dressed” come Sunday for church.  I am a SAHM I spend my life cleaning, cooking, snuggling and running after 3 kids, crafting, and writing.  Yes, I still think being comfy for these jobs is important but oversized sweats and the hubby’s T’s aren’t the most stylish comfy clothes!  So if I could start throwing on jeans, yoga pants, or leggings with a more form fitted Tank or alike, I would start feeling a lot better looking in the mirror, along with the hubby getting the perk of losing the frumpy wifey!
Outside of my appearance, there’s so much more I want to work towards….
  • My Mommy Job – I want to do it better, I think I’m an OK mom, but I definitely think I could do it better!  I want to start doing more with the kids, fewer video games, movies, computer games and more getting up and out learning new things type of activities.  I also want to learn to be more patient,  Its easy at times to feel the brink of losing it, but I need to start learning to breathe and not scream!  I also want to build there faith more, currently, we don’t go beyond nighttime prayer and Sunday school… but I really want to start some sort of home education program.  I also want to get them into doing chores at home and having our oldest volunteer outside the home.
  • My Wifey Job – As I build my faith I learn more and more what a biblical wife really is, and my heart is calling me to be one!  I want so greatly to learn to be patient, loving, obedient, and supportive to my husband, but I often feel i fall short.  I want to start having dinner on the table at night, bake weekly (I love to bake!), keep a nice house, and just be my husbands help-mate.  I know my extra weight has contributed to my tiredness, and adding that to my disabilities I often just give in to the day and leave tons undone.  I want to toughen up, get myself back into moving motion, so I can go back to caring for my hubby in *all* aspects 😉
  • My Family/Friend Job – My family is very close, my moms over at least once a week with the kids and we talk on the phone a few times a day, my dads side of the family talks constantly and has loud fun get together all the time, my moms side keeps up with each other on Facebook and sees each other for the holidays but none the less there’s lots of people I love involved in my daily life, I am always there for them but at times neglect my friendships as a result.  Being a wife and mom can cause a strain on friendships that I hadn’t realized till recently, Its hard to keep up no matter how much you want to (who knows what I would do without facebook! at least that keeps me somewhat it the loop) I have 3 groups of friends, one is like my family, I have been an “adopted” member since I was in the 6th grade, there’s 6 siblings and they are all my friends and there kids are my kids “cousins” we get together on holidays, birthdays, parties, etc.  plus try to have playdates every couple months but we are all busy and we all understand it.  My second group is two friends from high school who were part of my cliche, I lived with them both at different points in high school and back then we were like family,  they are also stay at home moms, so they are the ones I pop in on when I’m out running errands and call for advise in crisis, I sometimes disappear from them when I get into busy mode and I need to stop doing that even though I know they understand.  My third group is my best friends from elementary school, there my kids godparents, i love them, but they have no kids and things get so difficult keeping in touch because its hard to relate at times, I know i could call them for anything, but so often I don’t call anyone.  I would like to get off the couch more often and maintain my friendships and this could definitely help with the goal of getting the kids up and out doing things:)
  • My SAHM Job – I am lucky enough to be a stay at home mom, its all I dreamed of being my whole life, a mom/wife.  So now I want to start doing this job better!  Keeping a clean and organized house and taking care of my family.  I never really learned how to keep a house growing up, my mom did everything for us, but I never paid attention to how she did it, so I fall in love with fellow mom bloggers who share all their amazing tips and advise!  I also hate our current rental, its on the older side, and the landlord does NO upkeep.  We ended up here in a rush when we figured out we had to move out of our third floor walk-up apartment when the twins came and my back condition was in full flair.  We found it quick, in the right price range and neighborhood so we jumped, then we got in and realized the ugly rugs and old paint job.  We are hoping to move over the summer, but in the meantime I want to try to redecorate and make this place more homey for my family and myself.  I just want to make sure its using stuff we can take with us so no money loss.  All our house decor is from way before the twins so now they are all pretty run down from being spit-up on, and jumped on by the babies so I am so excited to do this.  Along with coming up with a weekly cleaning and organizing schedule!
  • My Craft Business Job – So I have an Etsy shop that I haven’t been keeping up with much, a website that I emptied so I could take a break, and a local store I sell it.  I have thousands of dollars worth of supplies in my basement so this year I either A) need to get this business rolling to at least a steady speed or B) destash some of the stuff in my basement corner craft room!  I’m hoping option A happens as I rebuild my energy level and get organized.
  • My Blogger Job – I have fallen in love with blogging! its me place, a place to keep track of what I’m doing and if I’m moving forward.  My dream is to make this as successful as some of the many blogs I follow, so my goals for this blog is to get over 1000 followers this year!
  • My SELF Job – ahhhh ME, my goal for me is to build my faith.  I want to read the Bible this year!  I want to learn God’s word and ultimately be baptized at my church!  along with my faith I also want to work on my confidence, my health, and start practicing my Portuguese!
WOW! What a list!
But I am hitting the ground running, I’m ready for the new me!

The new productive, loving, patient, confident, healthy ME!

The pictures above are the Now Me
The Pictures below are the Old Me:

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  1. Tulip TrueAim
    February 1, 2013 at 9:47 pm (6 years ago)

    So many great goals! I love how you are writing them down. That is the first step to accomplish them. I also love how you are sharing them, that is the second step. What are you plans to accomplish them? Do you have an scheduling system yet? Excited to hear how much you accomplish in 2013! I'm a new follower.