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The summer months are a busy time for most of us.  Whether your selling or buying a house, moving into a rental, or just busy with the kids out of school and vacations, It can be very difficult to find time for home renovations.   
We have been crazy busy with the kids home on summer break. Between travel and play-dates my kitchen counters quickly accumulated piles of clutter, I could see the grease marks on our stove from endless days of cooking with the kids.  Plus the tub was starting to show a ring around it from giving the kids countless baths after playing in the mud all day, and lets just say I couldn’t even see the back of my fridge.  Yup summer months are crazy in my house, add to that the fact that we have been kicking around the idea of moving and clearly you can see why my stress level would be hitting the roof.

Luckily my 15 Minute Reno Kit from Mr Clean came just in time!
  I have been a loyal fan of Mr. Clean sense Anthony was in diapers.  I’ll never forget the day, my house was in perfect order.  We only had one child who was napping, or so I thought.  The house was clean, laundry done, and dinner cooked.  Then I went in to get Anthony up from his nap!  All those nice clean white walls in his room were COVERED with crayon scribbles. 
Back then I had never heard of Magic Erasers before, but in the midst of an anxiety attack I called my best friend to vent about what I thought was the end of the world back then.  She laughed at me and told me to go to the store and pick some of these amazing little sponges up, and the rest is history!  They took of all traces of the crayons quickly and painlessly!  Now I don’t go without them in my cleaning cabinet, I use them in every room of my house.  The walls, the railings, the bathtub, sink, you name and I use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to clean it fast and easily! 
Check out how great my tub looks after a quick cleaning with a Mr Clean Magic Eraser.  The left side is the morning after I had given the kids baths when we got home from camp.  That means three kids covered in dirt, sap, and everything else they tracked home with them from the woods, (don’t judge, they love it).  The right side is after I spent less than 5 minutes wiping it down.
Then my walls get ridiculously scuffed up with the kids running in and out all day.  Magic Erasers take care of that in one quick swoop!
As we consider moving, I have already begun stocking up on Mr. Clean products to refresh our current home and to help us get that like new clean wherever we end up.
Are you moving or just trying to refresh your current home with limited time and resources?  Mr. Clean’s 15 Minute Reno tips can help!

15 Tips from Mr. Clean:
1. Remove your tired, old cabinet doors in favor of an instant, updated open-shelving look! Mr. Clean Concentrated Multi-Surface Cleaner can help you clean up the inside of your cabinets and get them looking like new again.

2. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Extra Power is sure to give your home that like-new sparkle on a variety of surfaces. It works wonders on that pesky stove top, where grease and grime accumulate in tough to clean crevices.

3. A kitchen sink has to stand up to a lot of grease and can become stained over time. Before spending the money and time to replace your sink, use the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Extra Power to erase build-up, and make it shine like new.

4. It’s not always possible to prevent grease splatter, and the kitchen back splash takes the brunt of it. Rather than tearing down the existing tiling, breathe new life into it with the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Extra Power, which can help remove the build-up.

5. The inside of the refrigerator has been through a lot, including spills and being occasionally exposed to over-ripened produce. To get the shelves and interior glistening, use Mr. Clean Concentrated Multi-Surface Cleaner.

6. Keep your kitchen counters and islands looking shiny and untouched with Mr. Clean Concentrated Multi-Surface Cleaner.

7. Use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Extra Power on the shower door to help remove hard water stains, cloudy build-up and soap scum; it will save you several hundred dollars versus replacing!

8. If your bathroom counter doubles as your makeup box, you’re familiar with the residue that can come from powder and hair spray. Make sure your counter top shines with Mr. Clean Concentrated Multi-Surface Cleaner (even on the floors and walls).

9. Buyers and sellers alike can see the value in a new bath tub. Use the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Extra Power to clean the dirt, soap scum ring and discoloration that has built up and you’ll fool people into thinking you had it replaced.

10. Swapping out cabinet hardware, particularly brass, is a great way to update a home. But, if your hardware just needs a face lift, use the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Extra Power to remove dirt and scuffs, and make it sparkle like new.

11. Often times buying or selling means needing a fresh coat of paint. One trick to avoid the time and cost is to use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Extra Power to swipe away scuffs, dirt and build-up from molding or trim, baseboards and doors!

12. Floors can become dull and underwhelming over time. Before stripping up hardwood or tile, Mr. Clean Concentrated Multi-Surface Cleaner can get them shining like new again! (Note: For finished wood use dilute only.)

13. Winter months can take a toll on your fireplace. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Extra Power can help eliminate smudges and markings left around the hearth, wood trim and fireplace screen to return it to a like-new fireplace.

14. Get creative with vintage pieces that no longer seem to have a use. Like bringing back to life a retro vinyl or plastic chair with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Extra Power to add unique and practical new decor pieces to your home. (Just be sure to test a small area with light pressure before use on antiques.)

15. Still have crayon marks on your walls or remnants of how tall little Johnnie was each year? Help remove them with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Extra Power, but be sure to snap a picture first for posterity!

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