If you find that you have a ton of leftover Thanksgiving turkey, don’t worry! Here are 15 amazing recipes that will be perfect for all your upcoming meals!

Buying a turkey for Thanksgiving is so hard! How many pounds of a bird do you really need to feed your whole family and holiday guests? Honestly, I think that no one truly knows the answer to that which is why there is always so much leftover Thanksgiving turkey!

In our house, there’s no shame in our leftover game. I refuse to throw away perfectly good food and am always on a mission to find ways to use last night’s dinner to make it tonight’s dinner. Most times, I succeed!

If you find that you have piles upon piles of turkey from your Thanksgiving meal, here are 15 amazing leftover Thanksgiving turkey recipes that will keep you weekly meal planner full and ready to rock. Don’t waste the delicious turkey meat! And if worse comes to worse, you can always freeze it to use for a later point in time!

Having leftover food options is always a good idea because it takes away the waste and worries about creating something new! 

Are you trying to figure out what to do with all your Thanksgiving leftovers?  Here are 15 great recipes to try!

Turkey Noodle Soup by Pressure Cooking Today

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