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The cold weather is here, the moist summer air is gone and it has been replaced with dry cold air.  This takes its toll on our skin and hair, everything feels dry and crackly.  Both Lilly and I’s hair becomes more frizzy, dull, and unhealthy looking the longer the colder months last.  So I have 10 tips that I try to keep in mind all winter long.

10 Tips for Keeping Your Hair Looking Fab this Winter!
  1. Keep your body healthy and hydrated.  Drink water and eat protein rich foods.  Your hair starts from within so keep your body nourished.
  2. Minimal washing.  Lilly’s hair can go almost a week and look great without a wash, he scalp is naturally dry.  My hair on the other hand feels like greasy mess within 48 hours.  My scalp will get really greasy while the rest of my hair is dry and frizzy.  I still try to go as long as possible between washes, working from home helps because no one but my kids and husband can see the mess that is within my messy ponytail.  I have also fallen in love with dry shampoo,  for busy weeks when I have to face the world without washing my hair.  I can spray the dry shampoo on all the greasy parts and put my hair up in a pretty bun.  No one can tell how “dirty” my hair really is.
  3. When we have to wash our hair, I do a pre-treatment with some oils.  Massaging either coconut or argon oil onto our hair.  This prevents some of the stripping of natural oils from the shampoo.  My scalp being naturally oily, I focus the oils on my ends.  However with Lilly’s naturally dry and itchy scalp, I make sure to massage a good amount of oil into her scalp.
  4. Deep condition your hair whenever possible.  Lilly doesn’t like to hang out with conditioner and a shower cap on, so I try to pick up quick 3-5 minute treatments for her at the store.  That way I can deep condition while she plays in the bath.  On the other hand, I find it relaxing to have a spa night with my hair soaking in conditioner while I paint my nails.  So I try to use coconut oil as a treatment at least once a week.
  5. Resist hot showers.  It’s cold and frigid outside, my first instinct is to want to sit in a boiling shower for as long as possible.  However the hot water wrecks havoc on our hair by stripping moisture from it,  and our hair needs all the moisture it can get in the winter.  So I try to keep the temperature warm and my showers short.
  6. Limit hair dryers and heat tools.  Lilly loves to get her hair straightened, but we try to let her beautiful natural waves be her signature style during the winter.  As for me, my hair looks like a hot mess if I go all natural.  So I try to cut down on the damage by first letting my hair air dry, then spay on a heat protectant, and only use my straightener or curling wand.  This way I’m only using one styling tool apposed to 2 or 3.
  7. Invest in a humidifier for your home.  Outside the air is cold and dry, inside is likely warm from your heating system but the air is still dry.  Try to add some moisture back into the air so that your hair and skin can soak it up.
  8. Get to the salon for trims regularly.  The cold and wind can cause split ends and brittle hair.  Keep your hair looking its best by getting regular trims every 6-8 weeks.
  9. Switch to satin sheets and satin lined hats and hoods.  This prevents breakage and frizz from your hair rubbing repeatedly against knit fabrics.
  10. Keep your hair up.  This can help protect your ends from damage and stops your hair from tangling.  We do a lot of buns in our house.  Lilly loves to have her hair in a bun because all her dance friends always have buns in their hair.  I love buns because its an easy and cute hair style that looks good whether messy or sleek.
Our Quick and Easy Bun:
Pull the hair back into a simple high ponytail.  Of course we need to use our bright pink Goody ouchless hair elastics.  They are metal free so there is no breakage or pulling when it is time to take her hair down.  Plus they’re pink, need I say more?
Then twist the pony tail as tight at you can, and wrap it around the top of the ponytail.  Simple, it forms the bun.
Pin the wrapped ponytail into place with Goody Stay Tight Bobbies so that she can dance her heart out all day.
That’s all, easy and quick.  We can get out the door for dance or school in minutes.
With all the deep conditioning, oil treatments, and products we are using in the winter months its easy for our hair to start looking dull from the build up.  Plus the natural oils that are stuck up in our scalp are great for the rest or our hair shaft, but getting the oils down through your hair isn’t always easy.
Until Now!
Goody’s new Clean Radiance Brush that is available at Walmart, is helping us show off beautiful healthier hair!
The Clean Radiance brush is made with copper bristles that massage the scalp and reduce buildup and works the oils through your hair to restore natural moisture balance.
We received the “Define your Beauty Box” a couple weeks ago, to try this awesome brush.  Lilly was the first one to open the package as I sorted through other mail.  I could hear the squeal from the kitchen, “Mom it’s a gold brush!”  My daughter is obsessed with gold right now.  I could bare to tell her it was copper, so in our house its “the gold brush”.
The copper bristles on the flexible cushion pad are paired perfectly because it really does feel great as it massages our scalp while giving us a healthy shine.  It’s so relaxing at night to brush my hair before bed.  Goody advised me to use the brush for 7-10 days to see results and the box says to brush 2-3 times a day for maximum results.  So we have been using it for the last 2 weeks, and aiming for twice a day.  Granted some days I’m lucky to get Lilly’s hair brushed before school, never mind again at night.  However I love the feeling on my scalp so I have been going with the three times a day.  
I am hooked!  It feels great, my hair is shinier, and best of all the grease ball of build up isn’t stuck on my scalp anymore.  My hair definitely has a Clean Radiance to it, thanks to Goody!

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