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It’s important to take some extra time for yourself during that time of the month.  Especially as mom’s it is easy for us to feel drained and less than ourselves whenever we have to add an additional stress to our everyday life.  So during that time every month it can do wonders to take some quiet time to yourself.  

You want to keep your confidence up and your body relaxed so that you feel like you, while dealing with your period.  To do this, I head to CVS before my period starts to stock up on my Period Survival Kit must haves and I always spend some extra time pampering myself. 
 Here are 10 ways to pamper yourself during that time of the month:
1. Light a candle, this always instantly destresses me.  Right now I’m enjoying a pumkin scent to celebrate fall.  Whether it’s in the middle of a chaotic afternoon or with a quiet house after the kids are in bed, watching the flame flicker and smelling the yummy scent melts some of my stress away and helps my body relax. 

2. Take and exfoliating shower to clean away any dead skin.  This will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuivinated.

3.  Take some time to relax and curl up with a magazine.  Zone out and read about whatever strikes your interest.

4.  Give in to your snack craving.  I don’t know about you but I know when its about to be that time of the month because I could eat a house.  I’m not saying indulge on every thing you have been avoiding all month.  However I know every month, I get a craving for something sweet and chewy.  It’s my ultimate temptation during my period, so you know what?  I stock up on some candy fish when I’m at CVS stocking up on U by Kotex tampons and pads.  Giving yourself that treat will make you feel less deprived and elevate your mood.

5. Moisturize your skin with your favorite scent of body lotion.  I love candy cane scents in the winter and pineapple scents in the summer.  Applying a good smelling moisturizer takes your mind to some place happy and also leaves you feeling pampered.  So take the extra time to massage in a deep moisturizer.

6. Cramps got you feeling less than confident?  Grab a stick on heating pad to relax your aches and pains away.  These are on my shopping list every month.  They keep an period pains at bay while I run after the little ones.

7. Pick up a new pair of thick fuzzy spa socks.  Seriously, there is something about putting on a new pair of these soft socks that feels heavenly.  Pampering yourself is a good thing and these socks make me feel great!

8. Give yourself a facial and a hair mask while relaxing in your new spa socks.  Keep your skin looking fresh and radiant and your hair soft and silky while laying back relaxing.

9. Give yourself a manicure and pedicure.  There is something about having freshly painted nails that gives us an extra bit of confidence, and during our periods we need all the extra bits we can get.  So sit back and make your nails look fabulous. 

10.  When all else fails and you just don’t feel like you, grab a pint of your favorite ice cream and allow yourself to veg out for a while.  Don’t beat yourself up with all the things that you “should” be doing.  Give your body some time that it needs to do nothing but completely indulge.

Pampering myself helps me feel like me even when I have my period.  Plus I always make sure I’m stocked up on U by Kotex products to make sure that I can stay confident without worrying about leaks and other period problems.

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