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Trrtlz Bracelets Share Your Adventure ~ Review and Giveaway!

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Have you seen these cool new animal stretch bracelets yet?  Colorful, meaningful, and fun, Trrtlz has taken the “friendship bracelet” concept to a whole new level!
Trrtlz bracelets are available in 12 different lines, each with different animal beads.
Each animal line is available in different 10 soft pretty colors.  Each color symbolize a different personality trait.
The concept is that you give them to friends and loved ones while sharing lives adventures.
As you wear them, the color fade and become truly unique to each bracelet.  Then as you find someone you want to give a bracelet to, your sharing your adventures with them.
These are have such a meaningful concept and a fun accessory.
Learn more about Trrtlz here!
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Giveaway ends: December 21st, 2015

A Day In The Shoes of a Busy Mom ~ Holiday Edition! Plus Fun Mommy and Me Styles!

The holiday season is upon us, Christmas is in 10 days! Can you believe it?  I can’t, I feel like it’s still fall, which means I am stressed, busy and stressed.
Like most women, I like shoes, I love shoes, they take my stress away!  So let’s talk shoes.

These December days I am running from stores to the gym, then to appointments, school events, family parties, and local traditions.  Then there is all the little things that make the holiday special like holiday movies with the kids, baking, and building gingerbread houses.  Add to that my everyday chores, this being the busiest time for blogging, and that stupid elf that I keep forgetting to move, let’s just say I’m not getting much sleep.  I bet most work at home mommy’s aren’t this month.  
However I have come-up with a wardrobe kit that has taken the stress out of getting ready for all this holiday fun, and of course each outfit is centered around shoes!
I am trying to consolidate my daily errands into one trip during this month.  That means if I’m going holiday shopping or to a doctors appointment, I am also going to the gym.  This means I have been breaking in my awesome new Flex Experience RN 4 Running Nike Sneakers.  I pair them with my yoga pants and workout top and I am off.  I am often speed walking through stores anyways so why not be comfortable in my gym clothes.  Plus it is so much nicer to get home without achy feet!
For all the school functions and blogger luncheons, yoga pants are not very appropriate so my favorite pair of jeans and a comfortable sweater or blouse match perfectly with these XOXO black Mace booties!  They are remarkable comfortable for heels and they pull every outfit together, making even my worn in jeans look vamped up.
I’m a work at home mom and my husband is self employed, so we don’t have any fancy parties to attend.  However we do have lots of family parties and outings all month long and two things are important for these.  One, an ugly sweater.  They are everywhere this year, and every party I’ve been invited to has had the word “Ugly Sweater” attached. Two, it’s chilly outside in New England.  Walking around looking at Christmas lights is not fun if your toes are frozen numb.  This is why Lilly and I are in love with our matching BearPaw Emma Short Black Winter Boots!  They are comfy, keep my feet toasty warm, and their cute.  Even better Famous Footwear has them for both women and kids, so we get to do the whole ‘Mommy and Me” thing with our matching sweaters of course!
Once all these outings, errands, and parties are over I get to do what I love most about the holidays.  Get in our Pj’s, turn lights on the tree, grab some hot chocolate, turn on the Christmas movies, and cuddle up with my babies.  However Famous Footwear has added an amazing cuteness factor to even that!  Coordinating Minnetonka Britt Trapper slippers for women and kids.
This holidays season will pass very fast, like past years.  The stress is there, but I’m just trying to steal a little peace to savor the Christmas memories while my children are still young.  Even if the big smiles are being delivered from shoes.  I love getting inspiration from #ohsofamous and having fun exploring what others are wearing, Check it out  and see the variety that Famous Footwear offers.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Showing Off My NFL Fan Style!

Living in Boston my whole life means 2 things.  One, I can drive in the middle of a blizzard while holding my ice coffee, and two, I love our sports teams, and when it comes to Boston sports the Patriots are top.

Bostonians take their passion and loyalty of the Patriots very seriously, like when Gronk was carted off the field last weekend people had tears in their eyes.  
We are Patriots nation, and being that means us girls like to show off our fandom in stylish ways.  Gone are the days of having to buy over sized sweatshirts or jerseys and trying to make them look feminine.  Now has a full line of women’s fashion, that is tailored to fit a woman’s body and designed to be cute and pretty.
When shopping I decided on two tops, one v-neck t-shirt and a pull over sweatshirt.  I liked both these pieces because I can easily wear one with a pair of sweats or yoga pants while running around with the kids or watching the game at home with the hubby.  Then if we are going out to watch the game, I can easily pair them with jeans and boots or heels.
I also got a pair of earrings and a beautiful hat that is accented with sequence and glittered thread.  
While shopping I wanted over twenty items and finally narrowed my shopping cart down to these four items, however I have already passed my wish list on to my husband.  I figure with him wanting to make a move down south this summer, I’m going to need more pieces in my wardrobe so that I can make sure to represent, hehe!  These wedges are on the top of my Christmas wish list.
I will also be doing a lot of holiday shopping on too.  They have some great accessories that will make perfect Teacher’s gifts.  Also my brother is in South Carolina and is always asking for me to send him Patriots stuff, now I can just have it shipped right to him.
Oh and if you have a certain holiday sweater party coming up, why not show off your team while rocking a holiday sweater!
Who’s the football fan on your shopping list this holiday season?
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I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own. Your One Stop Shop for Fitness Apparel

Product samples were submitted for review, all opinions are my own.
The holidays will soon be over and everyone will be on their new year health kick.  I’ll be one of them, I can’t wait to get back into the swing of working out and eating better.
From last winter into summer, I was feeling amazing.  I had been following the 21 day fix meal plan, walking everyday, and doing the work out videos that came with the meal plan.  Weight was slowly falling off, but more importantly I felt my best.  My energy was high, by tummy was flat and never bloated, my skin was clearer.  I swore I would never go back to eating crap and being to busy to workout.  

That was until life hit me in the face.  I ran a 5k in the morning then went to breakfast with all my friends, the beginning of the end.  I indulged with everyone, from there jumped on a bus to NYC for a conference which meant more crappy food in a hotel room.  I came back from the conference with 2 weeks to get ready for a 3 week trip to Brazil, then there was vacation and then another vacation, and then a road trip.  Once we were home and settled, the kids were getting ready for school and bam the holidays started.  Life got crazy really fast and with that one over indulgence at just the right time that had me on a spiral slide right back to where I began.
So now I’m making new goals and am ready to accomplish them.  While I have been trying to watch what I eat, life has been packed with parties, events, and work making it impossible to stick to a ridged diet.  Plus I have been having kidney problems since summer and now a chest infection that has been going on three weeks, so exercise has been the last thing I have wanted to try to make time for.
However once the holiday rush is over and I really want to get back to focusing on getting me healthy and happy.  However the worse thing for me is planning to start a new workout routine and eating plan, and then waking up to nothing to eat or nothing to wear.  Give me an excuse, especially during those first two weeks and I’m done.  So I will be out grocery shopping for everything I need the day before my meal plan starts.  
As for what to wear, has me covered.  Don’t be fooled by their name, yes they have everything you could imagine for time by the water, but they also have so much more.
Their workout clothes are adorable and very high quality.  I recently bought an under armour outfit that I am in love with and a bag that matches perfectly and will be ideal for lugging water, headphones, and all the rest of my gym accessories back and forth.
My new workout Outfit:

Under Armour Women’s HeatGear Perfect Pace T

Under Armour Women’s HeatGear Armour Legging

Seafolly Lei Tote

This is my new favorite work-out outfit and I have a wish list in my shopping cart of other adorable sets available at
Make sure you check them out when looking for a great workout wardrobe. 
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Fall Fashion with FabKids!

*As a FabKids Ambassador, I received this outfit free of charge, all opinions are 100% my own*
It is starting to get chilly outside and that means putting the sandals away for fun fashionable boots to go with our stylish dresses!  Luckily FabKids has Lilly covered again this month.  Our October outfit pick is a new favorite.  She loves dressed and the way this one flows has her spinning all over the place, plus the fringe on the boots is adorable and totally fashion forward this fall.

The pattern on the dress is a fun colorful tribal pattern, which looks great with colored tights.  Lilly’s worn it with pink, purple, and green tights and each color gives the dress a new stylish twist.  The studded fringed boots are soft and comfy but totally fashionable.  They match the style of the dress perfectly.  
This dresses name is the “Tribal Drop Waist Dress” and the boots are the “Studded Moccasin Fuzzies”.
If you haven’t read my previous FabKids outfit features, this is how FabKids works:
FabKids is a stylish children’s clothing brand that creates monthly ready-to-play outfits and shoes for both boys and girls.
This simplifies shopping for parents and helps kids stay on-trend while looking fashionable and age appropriate.
VIP Membership:
Once you make your first purchase, you will be enrolled in the free VIP membership program.  As a VIP, you’ll receive members only pricing as well as other private perks!  New VIP members can take advantage of the buy 1 outfit get one free perk! 
My kids know when that bright pink or blue package arrives that they have a cool new outfit and cant wait to open their mail.  FabKids make mom’s life simpler by helping her avoid crowded stores, and helps kids feel independent by giving them a great selection of age appropriate outfits to choose from.  Then there is the excitement of a fashionable new outfit!  We are hooked on FabKids!

Bumble-B’s and Chick-A-D’s Headband Review ~ Holiday Gift Guide

*Disclosure: I received a press sample to help facilitate this review, All opinions are 100% my own*
 The cold weather is upon us, it feels like fall flew right by and we are now on the brink of winter.  Winter means warm scarves, hats, and headbands to help you stay warm, and I have found a prefect place to start your winter shopping along with your holiday shopping!

Bumble-B’s and Chick-A-D’s on Etsy, is a great shop stocked with crochet beauties all made by hand with love! 
I was so excited when I opened a box of happy mail and found this gorgeous headband inside!  The colors are stunning and contrast perfectly, the yarn is soft and comfy on my head but also feels durable and very well made.
Plus this headband only costs $15 this is an amazing deal for a handmade ear warmer headband!  You could easily spend much more at any local department store for a simple mass production. 
Get Social with Bumble-B’s and Chick-A-D’s on Facebook to stay up to date on all the shops news!
Bumble-B’s and Chick-A-D’s also offers a great selection of hats and scarves you should definitely check out.
*Disclosure: I received a press sample to help facilitate this review, All opinions are 100% my own*

A Havaianas Addiction ~ This Summer’s Wish List

A Havaianas Addiction ~ This Summer's Wish List

I am completely addicted to Havaianas!  I have dozens in every color and several different designs, when in Brazil I pretty much maxed out one of my cards in the Havaiana Store alone.  They are just amazing, the most comfy flip flops I’ve ever tried on, they feel like I’m walking on a pillow.  Plus I think they are pretty.

These designs are on this summer’s wish list for sure!

Flip flop sandals

Havaianas white shoes
$41 –

Havaianas strappy sandals
$41 –

Havaianas thong sandals
$34 –

Old Navy Haul ~ The Munchkins Spring Swimsuit Style

Spring is here! 
However in New England that means 80 degrees one day and 40 degrees the next.  Either way this has been a very long winter and I’ll take 40 degrees with a smile and 80 degrees dancing!  I found these adorable swimsuit sets at Old Navy and I think they are going to be perfect for our Spring trips to the indoor swimming pool and for quick lake trips on the nicer days.  The long sleeve tops are thin enough that they’ll work on cooler summer nights too.
Lilly’s one piece bathing suit has matching shorts and a lightweight zipper up hoodie and the boys got 2 matching bathing suit shorts with lightweight long sleeve t-shirt hoodies. 
Lilly's Spring Swimwear

Boys Spring Swimwear

The Munchkins Easter Outfits!

I’ve finally decided on the Munchkin’s Easter outfits for this year and I can’t wait to dress them in their Easter Sunday Best!

The Boys Outfit’s are completely from The Children’s Place.
Pink Oxford Shirt – $19.95
Fedora – $12.95
Double Stripe Tie – $7.95
Bootcut Jeans – $19.50
Navy Crew Socks – $2.50
Slip-on Dress Shoes – $22.95
Lilly’s Outfit is from Burlington Coat Factory, The Children’s Place, and Little Lilly Love Boutique.
White Sweater – $24.95
White Tights – $4.50
White Shoes – $22.95

Lilly Got Her Ears Pierced and Had Some Accessories Fun at Claire’s in Saugus

Lilly has been infatuated with accessories lately, every morning she has a pile of things she wants to put on from jewelry to belts to pocketbooks.  She had her ears pierced as a baby but the holes had closed up over the years because the earrings were constantly falling out, but once she started school she began asking for earrings again.

Last weekend we decided to pop into the Square One Mall in Saugus to look for some living room furniture and let the kids walk off some energy.  Well of coarse Lilly spotted the accessory store from a mile away and took off running.  My first instinct was to grab her and run, knowing Aidan could cause craziness in a small store full of little sparkly things.  However as I turned my head I saw the ear piercing station and decided to let Lilly have some girly fun while Grammy took the boys upstairs to train ride.
She sat up on the chair like the little woman she thinks she is and was very excited!
The two girls working at Clair’s were awesome and very friendly, giving her a pretty teddy to hold onto.  They also did the piercing simultaneously on the two ears so I didn’t have to worry about a screaming one ear pierced child.
I was shocked all I herd was a tiny ouch and a scrunched face, and then she was all smiles with her pretty new earrings
It cost about $55 for the piercing with the little gold flower earrings and a big bottle of ear care solution.  I think the price has gone up quite a bit over the years.  I remember getting my double holes for under $25 but either way I think it was still a very reasonable price especially considering the sales associates made it a good experience for Lilly. 
Then just as I was about to round up our stuff to head out, they told me everything in the store is half off with a piercing!  So we stocked up on some fun accessories.  Lilly got 2 pairs of glasses, a diary, lip gloss and nail polish kit, Rapunzel braid hair clip, and pretty pocketbook for around $30.  
Lilly was ecstatic, and is still showing everyone her new earring and toting around all her accessories in her cute princess pocketbook.
Having a little girly-girl is so much fun! especially in a store that wall to wall, top to bottom full of sparkly fun girly things!

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