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The Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum ~ A Must See in Boston!

Living in the Boston area my entire life, I thought I had been through all the best museums the city has to offer.  I was wrong!  I had never been to the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum.  Actually I wasn’t even aware that it existed until our last visit to The Boston Children’s Museum and Anthony pointed out the “awesome” ship across the harbor.
With Anthony being the museum lover he is, I knew we had to explore it on our next trip into the city.  However I had no idea what to expect because and wasn’t sure if it would be something that was interesting enough to hold a 10 year old boys attention.


Museum of Fine Arts Boston

I talked about the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum as the best place to find some history in Boston, Today I want to share the best place to find some art and culture in the city.  The Museum of Fine Arts is an enormous museum, literally we walked over 3 hours and didn’t see everything, that is full of amazing art and cultural artifacts from all over the world.
As we walked in we were in awe of the incredible wall art and the staircase.  It was simply breath taking!


Some Thing GOOD is Here! GOOD THiNS Snacks

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Albertsons and GOODTHiNS. The opinions and text are all mine.


Some Thing GOOD is Here! GOOD THiNS Snacks!

If you have not had a chance to try GOODTHiNS, you might want to head to your local store the beginning of March 3rd! You can find them in your cracker aisle at Albertsons/Safeway stores! I made a dash to our local Shaws store and picked up a few boxes for me and my family to try!

My two favorites were the Original Sweet Potato and the Rice Veggie Blend! I love sweet potatoes, so I was excited to try them, and I was not disappointed! The sweet potato had a nice and light flavor that wasn’t heavy and left me feeling satisfied and happy! These GOODTHiNS Snacks make for a great snack anytime of the day! 

You can toss some in a resealable bag and send off with your children for school, snack on them while you are at work, or just enjoy at the end of the evening! There is truly no wrong time to enjoy some of these light and crisp GOOD THiNS snacks! 


Why I Love GOOD THiNS Snacks

GOOD THiNs snacks are a nice wholesome snack option for you to enjoy! You don’t need to top them, just put some in a bowl and eat them alone! Or if you are like me, and can’t resist, eat them straight out of the box! They are made with real ingredients like wheat, potato and rice. These snacks are baked not fried, which is a huge win for me!  GOOD THiNS have 60% less fat than the leading regular fried potato chip! 

These have become my go to snack on days, I am craving something with a little crunch to it! GOOD THiNS snacks are really light and crisp and the flavor is on point! 

  • NO high fructose corn syrup
  • NO artificial colors
  • NO cholesterol
  • NO partially hydrogenated oils
  • Goodness baked inside
  • Wholesome

Variety of Flavors To Try Out: 

GOOD THiNS Sweet Potato, GOOD THiNS Chickpea Garlic and Herb, GOOD THiNS Original Potato, GOOD THiNS Potato Spinach & Garlic, GOOD THiNS Rice Veggie Blend




This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Albertsons and GOODTHiNS. The opinions and text are all mine.

K1 Speed Go-Kart Racing in Wilmington, Ma!

Are you looking for a new indoor activity to take your kids to?  I’ve found it!  The cold short days make my kids extra rambunctious so I was ecstatic to get invited to K1 Speed in Wilmington, Massachusetts.
The Wilmington location is new so we had never been there before, and the only go-karts the kids had driven in the past were small ones at the local ice cream stand and the one that Santa had gotten Anthony a few years ago from the toy store..  When the boys walked in and saw the go-karts at K1 Speed their reaction was beyond words.  Aidan’s voice was screeching over the excitement and Anthony face was lit up with a smile from ear to ear.
After we all registered at the front desk and signed waiver forms, we were ready to enter the racing area.  The staff was great, explained everything to the kids from how to drive the karts to what each flag meant.  Plus they took the time to answer every question Aidan asked, which was a lot because he was over excited and his sensory issues were starting to show.
A huge thank you goes out to the men in the racing area for having all the patience in the world with Aidan’s autism!
Once the kids knew how to drive the junior karts and were all set in their safety gear, it was time to race!
The staff is able to control the speed, so the junior drivers rolled out to the starting line slowly.
Then once the race started the go-karts were able to drive at full speed, which is FAST!  After watching the cars go by, I understood why there is a 42″ height requirement for the junior karts.  However like at the start of the race, the staff was able to slow the karts down when needed.  So when Lilly got bumped into and stuck in a corner, they slowed down Aidan and Anthony and ran right over to help her.
The junior races consist of 12 laps and winners are based on speed which is calculated and displayed on the board throughout the entire race.
Anthony came in first place followed by Aidan in second, and as you can see below, Lilly wasn’t very happy that the boys beat her.
However she was smiling again once she got her print out with all the details from the race on it.  She learned she would be able to track her improvement each time we go back and her goal is now to win against her brothers on a future visit.
After the kids settled down from their junior race, it was time to watch daddy take part in an adult race.
The adult races have a minimum height requirement of 58″ and consist of 14 laps.
Wilmington has two race tracks, one that is for both junior and adult races and another that is more curvy and is only for adult racing.
The building is set up beautifully with arcade games, pool tables, and plenty of seating for hanging out with friends and family or grabbing a snack from the snack bar.
K1 Speed also offers birthday party packages for both kids and adults along with hosting special events.
This would be a unique and fun birthday idea that would surely make amazing memories!


BeanTown at Jordan’s Furniture in Reading: Featuring the BeanStalk Adventure Rope Course! + Coupon

Disclosure: We received free passes to BeanStalk to help facilitate this post.  All opinions are 100% my own.
I have never seen a store go to such great lengths to make sure their customers have so much more than just a shopping experience.
Jordan’s Furniture is so much more than a furniture store!
For as long as I can remember, my family has made the trip to the Avon store to enjoy the Enchanted Village and MOM ride at Christmas.  So when Jordan’s Furniture came to Reading years ago, I can remember my grandmother’s excitement as the opening neared.  Back then they only had a candy store and the Liquid Fireworks show, but we would still take Anthony as a baby to Jordan’s to watch the water show constantly.


Disney On Ice 100 Years of Magic

As a child I remember taking the train into Boston with my Mom and Grandmother to see Disney On Ice.  I remember the light up swords and wands, the music, and the amazing skaters jumping in the air.  Disney is magical whether you are standing in front of Cinderella’s castle, shopping at the Disney Store, or in a stadium seat watching Mickey and Minnie tell a story on ice skates.  This is why Disney memories are memories that last a lifetime and why we are huge Disney fans!


Boston Ballet’s The Nutcracker at The Boston Opera House

Courtesy of the Boston Ballet
Living in the suburbs of Boston, The Christmas season always brings certain pictures to my head immediately.  Tree lighting’s, ice skating on Frog Pond, strolling Faneuil Hall, and of course Boston Ballet’s The Nutcracker!
Courtesy of the Boston Ballet
This year we were invited by the Boston Ballet to attend the dress rehearsal of The Nutcracker and meet the dancers.  You may not be able to tell, but my inner child is still screaming as I type this.  It was such an amazing show filled with tutu’s, ballet slipper, snow flakes, and the most incredible talent.  Best of all I got to experience this event my own little dancer, Lilly.
Courtesy of the Boston Ballet
Lilly who’s three years into dance, is still at an age where the kids all sort of just bop around in dance class.  So to see her eyes grow bigger and brighter in awe of how these ballerinas are able to dance, was a priceless memory.
This was Lilly’s favorite dance.  When she saw this ballerina during intermission, she ran through everyone else to get to “the queen”
Courtesy of the Boston Ballet
While I love that I have this precious mother/daughter memory, I contemplated bringing Aidan but was worried he wouldn’t be able to sit through the show.  However after this visit, I think this will be a great experience for him in the future also.  Some of the scenes made me think of him and how he would be giggling at costumes or in awe of the male dancers.
 Courtesy of the Boston Ballet
Courtesy of the Boston Ballet
Courtesy of the Boston Ballet
Courtesy of the Boston Ballet
The Nutcracker truly is a must see, it lived up to everything I had heard about this breathtaking show!
We also got to meet some of the dancers while at the show,  this was the highlight of Lilly’s day.  She went right into dance class the next day and announced to everyone that she knew “a ton of real actual ballerina’s and they are so pretty”.
The Boston Ballet’s The Nutcracker runs through December 31 at the Boston Opera House.  They also offer matinees on Saturdays and Sundays if you want to share this amazing experience with your little ones.  Tickets start at $35 each, Visit to learn more and purchase tickets.
Courtesy of the Boston Ballet

Disclosure:  I was provided with tickets to this show to facilitate this post.  All opinions are my own.

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