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Healthy Timeless Hair with Living Proof! #AgeWisely

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As a busy mom it is hard to schedule a large slot of time to dedicate to my hair.  Every time I visit the salon to get a color and cut, my mind starts making lists of all the things I could be doing with those hours lost sitting in my hairdressers chair.


Get a Whiter Smile in One Hour! #HolidaySmile

Having a pearly white smile boosts confidence and makes us smile more.  So what better time to get those teeth looking great than before all the holiday pictures are taken!
I know what your thinking, with everything else you need to do for the holidays where is the time to focus on your smile?  Crest 3D White Whitestrips is the answer!  I have been a huge fan of Crest White strips for over a decade.  I love how easy, affordable, and quick they are.  Sense I have been using Crest Whitestrips for so long, I have watched their technology get better and better.  What used to take weeks to obtain, now only takes an hour!  An hour at home where you can continue doing all your normal errands while whitening.
Why I Love Crest 3D White Whitestrips:

1.  Convenience,  I don’t have time to stop what needs to be done to make whitening appointments and whitening trays make me feel like I’m suffocating.  With Crest Whitestrips I whiten my teeth from the comfort of my own home without the hassle of trays.  Plus with the Advanced Seal Technology no-slip grip the strips stay put so that I can get even more done while whitening, like talking and even drinking water.  
2.  Results,  My teeth always look awesome after using Crest Whitestrips and now they look great quickly!  3D White Whitestrips remove years of teeth stains in just one hour.  This means I get noticeably whiter teeth in an hour, in my own home, doing whatever errands I have for the day, What is better than that!
3.  Safe,  Crest uses the same enamel-safe teeth whitening ingredients that dentist use.
Each Crest 3D White Whitestrips kit has 8 treatments per box, each treatment includes an upper and lower strip.
For a limited time at Walmart, when you buy a kit you get one free!  This is perfect timing, you get a fresh white smile through the holidays and then you get a free kit that you can use to keep your smile looking fabulous in the new year.
Ready to look fabulous in photos this season with a bright white smile?  Visit and purchase this awesome BOGO promotion.

6 Tips and Tricks for Rebooting Your Beauty Routine as a Busy Mommy in the Midst of the Holiday Season!

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The holiday season is upon us once again, and I must say there is no better way to spend the holiday than to spend them as a mom.  However when you’re a mom, the holidays are usually a thousand times more hectic.  There have been several years that I had gotten so engrossed in the holiday running around, Santa, shopping, portraits, exc. that I forgot to take a minute for myself. 

The result was me running out the door late to every festivity because I knew I looked like a mess but had no time to fix it. I stayed out of every camera’s view those years, and I knew I was that mom who “let her self go” to take care of everyone else. The kids were wearing new coordinating festive outfits, all the gifts were wrapped just right with over the top bows to match.  Yet I was in pants that I found in the back of my closet from a decade ago, my face was breaking out from not being taken care of, and lets just say there was no way I could show off my legs in a dress.
 Luckily, I had an aha moment when I happened to see myself in the corner of a photo one year and times have changed.  My kids still have coordinating outfits, and I still try to get to all the fun holiday festivities, however I don’t do it while sacrificing myself.  I know now that pampering and maintaining myself is important to my happiness too, and it doesn’t have to cost a lot or take a ton of time, but it needs to happen.
During the holiday season we may not have time or the extra funds for massages or extra long pedicure appointments,  but we can  easily reboot our beauty routine in our own bathrooms each night after the kids have been tucked into dreamland. 
I make sure to spend at least 10 minutes on myself before bed, locked in the bathroom taking care of me.  
I’m a Costco member, I have 3 kids and I love being able to pick up everything I need in one place and having larger sizes of products saves me so much time.  Big families go through things so quickly, I love knowing that when I check-out we are set for a good period of time.  This includes my beauty products!  I can grab a favorite facial cream, razor set, lip balms, shampoos and conditioners, while I’m already out shopping for everyone else on my holiday list.  Plus best of all these products then last me for such a long period of time, that I don’t have to stress about running out of something or getting back to the store constantly.  Every time I can save time and room in my mind, it’s a plus as a busy mommy!

Tips for Creating the Perfect Nighttime Mommy Beauty Boost:

1.  Do it, I know when the kids are finally quiet and the floor full of toys are in one room and your bed is in another, sometimes choosing to lock yourself in the bathroom doesn’t sound like the best use of time.  Believe me it is, you will feel so much better after!
2. Create a basket filled with your favorite quick beauty products.  This way everything is one spot, easy to grab, and quick treatments.  You will likely make a hundred excuses to why you can’t put on that hour long hair mask, however a 3 minute one doesn’t sound like such a hassle.
3. Create a calming atmosphere in your bathroom.  Light a candle, spray your favorite bath spray, pull out your fluffiest towel, or turn on some music.  Just realize that after taking care of everyone all day, this is your time.  Make the most of it.
4.  Take a shower and wash away your day, including washing off any makeup that is on.  After a particularly busy day, all I wanted was my pillow, biggest mistake.  When I would go to bed with a dirty face, I would wake up with a dull complexion or even worse a huge breakout.  While you’re in the shower get as much done as possible,  wear Crest 3D White-strips to whiten your teeth, put on a quick hair mask while shaving your legs.
5.  Use products that do multiple things or make your routine quicker.  I have a three minute hair treatment instead of my hour long one that I save for less hectic times of the year.  I put it on while shaving my legs with the Gillette Venus Swirl.  This razor releases water activated MoistureGlide surem which has me shaving quicker because it glides so easily and gets every hair.  My absolute favorite multitasker is Olay Total Effects 7 In One anti-aging facial moisturizer.  This helps everything I’m worried about when it comes to my skin in one step. 
6. Beyond your bathroom routine, keep products that you can use through out the day readily available.  I have lip balms everywhere so that my lips don’t get try and flaky.  I know I wont go look for them if they aren’t an arms distance away, so I get a 5 pack from Costco and put them in every room and in the car.  I also throw a set of Crest 3D White-strips in my pocketbook for long car rides, along with pocket size lotions.
My main goal during the holidays is always to keep things quick, simple, and convenient.
We are busy moms and the holiday season is hectic and busy but that doesn’t mean we have to run around looking like hot messes.  How are you taking care of you during the holidays?

Victoria Jackson Cosmetics ~ A New Makeup Obsession!

These product were submitted for review, all opinions and stories are my own.
I recently received a box of Victoria Jackson Cosmetics to try.  I had never heard of the brand before, and was thrilled to play with some new makeup.
I received 5 products, the Foundation Duo compact, a Pressed Powder compact, a Eyebrow Design pen, The Perfect Brush, and the Survival Kit.
The first product I opened up was the make up brush called The Perfect Brush, it’s a dual sided brush with a face brush on one end and an eye brush on the other.  I have an obsession with makeup brushes, I could spend an hour at the makeup store running my hands over the brushes.  So I knew my first impression of the makeup line would depend on this brush, and I must say I am impressed!  I have been using it everyday.  It feels full and incredibly soft on both ends and there has been no shedding at all!
Next I opened the Foundation Duo and the Pressed Powder.  The Foundation Duo is a pressed oil free foundation compact that comes with two compatible shades side by side.  This helps with contouring and camouflaging, and blending to create a perfect match.  I am very picky when it comes to foundation, I hate feeling like I am walking around with a mask on.  Plus with my oily skin if I wear a heavy foundation my face feels like a greasy mess by the end of the day.  I like feeling like my skin can breath.  The foundation in this compact is perfect for me, I honestly feel like I am not wearing makeup at all.  It goes on light and smooth, covers imperfections and adds a radiance to my skin.  However it doesn’t hide my skin, I love that!
The Pressed Powder is also light and airy.  It sets the foundation and adds a bit of extra coverage, but its not thick or powdery.
After I finished with the face compacts I opened the Eyebrow Design Pencil in Universal Taupe.  I am new to eyebrow pencils, I have bought a few but they intimidate me.  I am always a little nervous that I am going to look like my eyebrows are painted on.  However what I liked about this pencil is that it is double ended, one end is a great angles pencil and on the other is a brush.  This gave me a little bit more confidence with my eyebrows, I was able to apply a little and blend it till it looked exactly how I wanted. 
Lastly I opened the Survival Kit,  As I took the cover off, I had no idea what I was going to find inside this kit.  I was shocked!  This is now my travel makeup kit, simple, easy, and everything I could need in a tiny case.  This survival kit truly is a busy mommy’s makeup survival kit.  With this, there is no excuse for me to look like a hot mess when travelling.
So whats inside? 
Eye pencil
Lip pencil
3 mini double ended brushes
10 eye shadows
5 lip sticks
2 blushes
Plus 2 little mirrors for application.
This kit is awesome, and the pigments on all the powders and lip sticks are very colorful.
I am definitely excited to have Victoria Jackson added to my makeup collection and I will absolutely be exploring more of their products in the future!
Learn more about Victoria Jackson Cosmetics Here!
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The Goody Clean Radiance Ultimate Beauty Giveaway!

This is sponsored by Acorn Influence on behalf of Goody®.  All opinions are 100% My own.

A couple weeks ago I shared my new beauty product obsession, the Goody Clean Radiance Brush!  This brush has continued to make both Lilly and I’s hair more shiny and healthy looking since I initially shared it with you.

If you missed my last post featuring the Goody Clean Radiance Brush, check it out here: 10 Winter Hair Tips & Easy Ballet Bun Tutorial with Goody Clean Radiance!

Now onto the best part!
To celebrate Goody’s launch of the Clean Radiance Brush there is an amazing giveaway for you to enter.

Clean Radiance Ultimate Beauty Giveaway!

Grand prize: Chi Straightener and CROC Blowdryer (valued at $200)
Second prize: Goody Basket (valued at $100) – 2 winners
Third Prize: $25 Walmart gift card – 25 winners

10 Quick Ways to Pamper and Refresh Yourself During a Mommy Potty Break! #ConfidenceUDeserve

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As a mom I know some days I can’t even get an uninterrupted trip to the bathroom.  Everyone in my house seems to always need something, whether it’s a cup of water, homework help, a toy fixed, or just some snuggles.
However during that “time of the month” it becomes extra important for me to get that me time.  Some months I get to spoil myself with spa nights or vegging time on the couch.  Then there are the months, like now with the holidays approaching, that my days seem to be jam packed from the time I open my eyes till the time my head hits the pillow.  During month’s like these, I try to get the most out of my bathroom trips.
Thinking of a potty trip as a luxurious moment in the day, may be something only a mommy really understands, but during hectic months when my period hits my 5 minute bathroom trips become a destresser and confidence booster.
I keep the basket that hangs next to my sink packed with quick fixes that help me feel more like me even when I’m tired and feeling the effects of my period.
In my basket I include:

1. Exfoliating Hand Scrub, you have to wash you hands anyways right?  Why not take an extra moment and make it a more relaxing experience.
2.  Lip Scrub, my lips are always dry and while my chap stick always seems to be in my back pocket, I often forget to give them a little extra treatment.  When I need a little pick me upper, I’ll put a yummy sugar based scrub on my lips and massage it in.  Then once I’m done with my bathroom business I rinse the excess scrub and dry skin away.
3. Deep Moisturizing Hand Lotion, on my way out the door I love being able to smell the relaxing scent of my favorite lotions.  Plus with the colder months upon us, its something that I often forget but truly feels like a spa treatment.
4. Facial Wipes, my skin can feel extra oily during my period.  Wiping down my face with a facial cleansing wipe helps me feel clean, refreshed, and only takes a minute.
 5. Lip gloss, on a day to day basis I don’t usually look very put together.  I work from home, so most days the only people who see me are the kids and my hubby.  However I have been making more of a conscious effort to get dressed to my shoes everyday because it motivates me get things done.  With that throwing on some lip gloss as I exit the bathroom, helps me feel pretty and more ahead of the game.
6. Menstrual Relief Medication, in case I start to feel some period side effects.  I can nip them in the bud quickly without a second thought.
7. Mini Manicure Kit, I also keep a bottle of nail polish, nail file, and a nail polish remover wipe available.  Granted I don’t often get to push my bathroom trips out long enough for a full manicure.  However during that time when my husband has come home from work and this mommy really needs a moment alone, I hide out in the bathroom and repaint my nails as nice little break
8. Stick On Heating Pads, I don’t often have time to lay down with a heating pad on my tummy or back.  So the stick on ones available at CVS are perfect to sooth away any cramps.
9.  Personal Cleansing Cloths, these handy wipes keep you feeling fresh and clean when you don’t have the extra 15 minutes to jump in the shower.
10.  U by Kotex® supplies, I love the fun and colorful packaging of all the U by Kotex® tampons and pads.  The bright colors help make that time of the month feel less like a womanly chore.  Plus I like how they eliminate any stress about protection mishaps because they always keep me leak free.
Check out the Daily Break to learn more tips to help you feel confident during your period and help you Save The Undies.
Thankfully CVS carries everything I need for my bathroom basket.  So while I’m running my monthly errand of picking up my families prescriptions, I am also able to restock my period supplies without a second thought.
Currently CVS is offering a great coupon deal on U by Kotex®, So check that out and save on your next period supply stock up.

Michael Todd’s Knu Anti-Aging Face Lift Cream Review #antiagingcream

*Disclosure:  We received a press sample to facilitate this review: all opinions are 100% my own*
 I’ve raved about Michael Todd’s Soniclear in the past and now I am hooked on their face creams! 
I got the chance to try out the Michael Todd Knu Anti-Aging Face Lift Cream and I love it.  The face cream smells great and doesn’t leave my skin oily and feels like the perfect texture.

The best past of this cream is the packaging, the push top is my favorite type of dispenser. 
Product Details:
Made with 70% organic ingredients synergistically combined with a unique combination of Matrixyl 3000®,Syn®-Coll, Epidermal Growth Factor, DMAE, Alpha Hydroxy Acid, Snail Serum, Arbutin and L-Arginine and other clinically proven ingredients known for their powerful skin regenerating properties.

Promotes healing, repair and natural collagen and elastin production over time for reduced density, volume and depth of wrinkles and loss of elasticity. Powerfulantioxidants protect against further damage. The result – gorgeous skin that radiates youth.

Skin in any state will benefit from this nourishing treatment but it is especially suited to dry, sensitive, pigmented or wrinkled skin complexions. 


Lilly’s Curly Hair Solutions

Lilly has very curly hair and a lot of it.  I have wavy to straight fine hair, so dealing with Lilly’s hair can stress me out completely.  Especially when the tangles become huge matted knots and she’s screaming while I’m combing it out. 
After a few years and countless products tried, tested and failed, I have found products I love and use everyday to control her curls and keep her hair looking pretty.

1. I shampoo her hair with Johnson’s Extra Conditioning Shampoo, it’s gentle on her hair and it doesn’t dry out her hair or add to the tangles.
2.  For conditioner I use the Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle Mask and leave it on while she plays in the tub.
3.  To comb and brush out her hair, I use a Wet Brush, I bought this after it was recommended by my hair dresser and it has been the best thing I’ve bought for her hair.  She no longer cries or screams when I have to detangle knots, and she says this brush doesn’t hurt her at all.
4.  I braid her hair for bed to avoid tangles and she wears ponytails a lot to school to keep it out of her way.  I use foe elastic hair ties on her hair and mine, the are soft and stretch.  Plus they don’t break or pull on her hair at all.  We make our own for pennies, I’ll post a tutorial next week.  However their also available almost everywhere relatively cheap.
5. As I comb out Lilly’s hair I use Paul Mitchell’s The Conditioner leave-in conditioner.  I have been using this for a couple years and I love how it keeps her hair soft and helps detangle it.
6. When she’s wearing her hair down I twirl her curls with my fingers and use Curly Hair Solutions silk leave-in treatment.  I found this several months ago when the company sent a bottle to me to review and I loved how it helped define Lilly’s curls perfectly without any stiffness.

Walmart Suave Hub and Fall Beauty Tips

This post was sponsored by Global Influence, all Opinions are my own.
Fall is my favorite season.  I love the colors, the scents, the food, everything!  However living in New England the weather can change in an instant and wreck havoc on my skin and hair.  The jump from humid summer air to dry crisp air can cause my hair to get dryer, my skin to feel raw, and my lips to peal.  However there’s a few tricks I use to keep everything transitioning smoothly.

Tip #1
To keep my scalp and hair hydrated and soft, I use a can of coconut milk as a mask once a week.  Then follow with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner like Suave Moroccan Infusion Color Care Shampoo & Conditioner.
Tip #2
I also try to put off washing my hair as long as possible to prevent stripping any natural oils.  This is when I become a dry shampoo addict!  Instant clean, voluminous hair. 
Tips #3
To keep my skin hydrated I make sure I use a body wash like Suave Moroccan Infusion body wash which has argon oils in it to soften my skin, once washed I make sure to moisturize with a great lotion within minutes of getting out of the shower.
Tip #4
To keep the bottoms of my feet from cracking, I use Vaseline before bed and then cover them in soft spa socks,  I wake up every morning with baby soft footsies
Tip #5
My lips seem to show the weather change first, when they start peeling and chapping.  To help this I exfoliate them with sugar and water a few times a week and then use thick lip balms morning and night
But most of all I keep hydrated from the inside, I always have my water bottle by my side to keep my skin looking fresh.
These are some of my beauty tips but Walmart Suave Hub is filled with a bunch of beauty tips, product promotions, and more to help solve all your beauty needs.
Suave is encouraging families to live better every day by offering products for the whole family at a great value at Walmart. Check out the Suave Hub for beauty tips that fit into your life, from a trip in the park to an escape in paradise.
Stop by your local Walmart, the one-stop shop for all your Suave needs. For continued savings, sign up for Suave Family Perks and submit your receipts to accrue points and redeem for Walmart gift cards.
This post was sponsored by Global Influence, all Opinions are my own.

Mia Mariu Home Microdermabrasion Set ~ Review and Giveaway #MiaMariu

Are you looking for an easy way to freshen up your skin at home?  Mia Mariu has a great product for you!  Their RestauraCel-C Thermal Microdermabrasion Set can be used from the comfort of your own bathroom.  The microdermabrasion set is removes dead skin cells while leaving skin smooth and even-toned. 
This set also helps reduce the appearance of enlarged pores and acne scars, and reduces the appearance of fine lines. It is also full of vitamin C to help brighten your complexion.

I grew up having severe acne through out my teenage years and was left with large pores and scaring as a result.  I also have issues with the firmness of my skin after so much weight fluctuation.  To top it all off, as I venture into my thirties, I am noticing the wrinkles start to creep in!  So I have really been trying to find the perfect skin care routine and products over the past year.  I am a big face mask fan, but have never tried an at home microdermabrasion set before this.
I enjoyed the intense exfoliating this gave me.  I feel like it completely cleaned out any junk that had built up on my skin that my normal day to day routine couldn’t remove.
My also feels very fresh and bright after I use this set.  I am excited to incorporate it into my skin care routine.
Enter to win a set of your own!
Giveaway Ends: November 13, 2014
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