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How to Make your Own Weighted Blanket ~ Tutorial

When Early Intervention told me I should get Aidan a weighted blanket for his Sensory Processing Disorder, I had no idea what SPD was never mind a weighted blanket!

So what did I do….. Google!
BUT these lovely blankets that were supposed to make my dear little boy able to relax and stay still for a few moments cost over $200! Yes I would save every nickle and penney if need be to help this little cutie feel better, but really $200 for a few pieces of cloth and some stuffing? heck no!
I could feel the Martha in me coming out!


So I went over to Walmart to get the essentials:
The fabric was onsale for 75% off because they were discontinueing the fabric section of the store… Yippy!
1 Yard Dinosour Cotton Fabric: $.93
1 Yard Red Flannel: $1.04
2 Bags of Polyfil Pellets: $7.90
And to add some fleece fringe that Aidan loves to rub against his face
1/4 Yard Coordinating Fleece: $.67 the $200 blankets dont have this!
I got home and got to work as soon as the muchkins were in bed, all together it took me about 3 hours, but I have to say I am not an expert sewer and this machine has probably only sewn a hand full of times in the last year…. but I love that it embroiders 😉
So this is how to make one:
Cut off all the ends and lay out the fabric right sides together and smooth it out, then cut any extra that you may have.
Pin along three sides of the blanket, you will use ALOT of pins!
and sew up the three sides.


Trim the corners so that they wont bulk up, and turn the blanket right side out. flatten it out or iron it so that its easier to work with.
Now comes the fun part, Start by deciding how heavy you want it, how many squares you want. I used 10% of my sons weight but you should always check with your childs doctor to see what the best weight would be for them.
I had 15 squares. So I sewed 4 vertical lines from the open end of the blanket down as equally spaced apart as possible.
Next I got out the pellets, knowing I wanted 15 squares I divided the 4 pounds of pellets up equally into 4.3 ounces. try not to spill the pellets they are not the easiest to clean up! I know.. I poured the 4.3 ounces into each collum of the blanket, then smooshed them all the way down to the bottom of the blanket and sewed a horizontal line accross the blanket to keep the pellets in, creating squares. Becareful to get all the pellets down so that you dont sew over them and break your needle. Continue doing these steps all the way to the top of the blanket and close it up.


At this point the blanket could be done, but my little guy likes to rub soft things against the top of his lip to help him fall asleep, so I decided to add some soft fringe to the top. I took a fat strip of fleece and sewed it to the hem of the blanket and cut the fringe. easy peasy!
and the best part… Aidan loves it!


Great project and great blanket for cuddling:)