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Magic Kingdom ~ Walt Disney World

We Love Visiting Mickey!

Magic Kingdom, the heart of Disney and my kids favorite park.  This is always our first stop at Disney, and it usually takes a couple days to feel like we’ve completed a fair amount of the magic.  The other Disney Parks we usually will go from lunch time till close or from opening till lunch time and then head back to our hotel for the relaxation part of our vacation.  However with Magic Kingdom we like to get there early and stay through the crowded flood of people at closing.
Our Favorite Rides
Buzz Lightyear ‘s Space Ranger Spin
Mickey’s PhilharMagic
Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor
Peter Pan’s Flight
Aidan doesn’t do good in lines at all, we can usually do a 5-10 wait with minor problems but anything longer than that usually includes a major meltdown because he cant stand still in a confined area surrounded by strangers.  His body just wants to run and there’s no fast pass for characters and the disability access service cards don’t apply to character meetings.  So we like to plan out the characters we really need to see and spread them out between the parks.  This is why character dining works the best for us, Aidan is able to sit, eat, and use his Ipad in between characters, expensive but for us totally worth it.  After scheduling out our dining reservations we end up only having to wait in those long lines for a few autographs instead of dozens.
We haven’t done any character meals inside Magic Kingdom yet.  Cinderella’s Royal Table is on our list for next year because we wanted to wait till the Lilly was really able to enjoy the experience.  
What we have done on our Magic Kingdom days, which has worked out perfect, is had lunch at Chef Mickey inside the Contemporary Resort or Dinner at 1900 Park Fare inside the Grand Floridian Resort.  Both these restaurants are on the monorail which makes them very easy and quick to get to from Magic Kingdom.  Plus it gives us a mid day break from the hustle and bustle of the park and the kids enjoy riding the monorail, especially my train obsessed Aidan.
We try to only do one sit down meal a day at the parks because of all the other fun eats there are through out the park.  With Ice Cream, Pretzels and more shaped like Mickey, a candy store you could get lost in, the legendary Dole Whip, and the cutest Starbucks in the world there no time to get hungry.

As if there isn’t enough to fill your day with characters, shows, rides, and food.  The shopping is amazing and makes any Disney lover’s heart skip a beat!  Everything and anything you could want, they have with a Disney twist!  I could have spent an entire day just walking around Main Street USA.
Shows and Parades we Love
Dream Along with Mickey
Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It! Street Party
Wishes nighttime spectacular (obviously a must)
And then the Magic comes to an End!

Walt Disney World Savings Jars for Kids Vacation Money ~ Easy Disney Craft to Help them save for Souvenirs!

We have our next Walt Disney World Vacation Planned for the end of January 2014!  I LOVE Disney, almost more than the kids do!
However Disney is extremely expensive with the plane tickets, hotel, park tickets, the restaurants, and more.  Then to top it off they have gift shops, candy shops, and souvenirs to choose from, every three minutes throughout each park.
A long day in lines, the excitement of hugging mickey, the sugar rush from the ice cream cone after lunch, and the crowds waiting for the fire works can make any child tired and cranky!  However add to that a perfectly positioned cart of $25 flashing light swords that every child “has to have” and that can easily transforms a whine into a full on meltdown!

On our last trip 2 things kept us sane, one being we only did half days in the park.  Even with a full day you cant get everything done at Disney World so why try?  We use the apps and plan out what we really want to see, then go after brunch.  This way the kids can sleep in, eat a good meal, and relax before the excitement.  This helped a lot with the crankiness, at least for my kids!  Plus this isn’t just their vacation, its ours too, so sleeping in is a big plus for me!
Second was our Disney Savings System!  
I have 3 kids, that can easily tally up to over $100 on ears alone.  So we started having the kids save up on their own as soon as we booked our trip.  To make it fun, and remind them why they where saving we made up fun little Disney Themed Jars. 
Joann Fabrics had cute little Mickey head tape and stick on buttons, we got Rhinestone ones for Lilly.  They also had puffy letter stickers and flat mason jars!  This was so easy, the kids had fun knowing it was part of preparing for Disney, and they ended up being very CHEAP!  If you hit Joann’s at the right time you can get it all 50% off in the scrap booking section, Score!
 We removed the inner lid of the jars so that the kids could drop change in easily.
 Put their names on them with the glitter puffy stickers.
 Then scattered all the Mickey sticker buttons around the jar.
 Added the tape for a bit of pzazz!
 And tada! 30 minute craft! Easy for Mommy, and Fun for the Kiddos.
They are slowly getting filled.  Aidan is potty training so when he comes home from school with no accidents he gets a coin (he chose this instead of a piece of candy, our dentist will be happy!)  They also get a dollar or some change for helping around the house beyond whats normally expected.  I also surprise them sometimes when I see them acting really well behaved.  
Now a few days before we leave, we all go to the coin machine at the bank to transform it into cash, then Mommy divides it by the days we’ll be at Disney and buys a TON of Disney gift cards!  This way they have a gift card for each day we are at the park, so they can spend it or save it for the next day, but either way all the money isn’t spent on the first day.
On our last trip Anthony had earned over $200 (he was doing chores for the entire family for months) He had enough to get a Harry potter wand at Universal, a Mickey hat, Pin necklace, shirt, pen, and 2 Lego sets!
No Whining, No tantrums, plus it helped him learn about money and math, and it was a great aid to help him with his self esteem and language because he would do the check out process on his own.
The twins were only 3 last time, we used the same process but with more help.  However I’m hoping this year they’ll grasp it as well as Anthony has!

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