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The Goody Clean Radiance Ultimate Beauty Giveaway!

This is sponsored by Acorn Influence on behalf of Goody®.  All opinions are 100% My own.

A couple weeks ago I shared my new beauty product obsession, the Goody Clean Radiance Brush!  This brush has continued to make both Lilly and I’s hair more shiny and healthy looking since I initially shared it with you.

If you missed my last post featuring the Goody Clean Radiance Brush, check it out here: 10 Winter Hair Tips & Easy Ballet Bun Tutorial with Goody Clean Radiance!

Now onto the best part!
To celebrate Goody’s launch of the Clean Radiance Brush there is an amazing giveaway for you to enter.

Clean Radiance Ultimate Beauty Giveaway!

Grand prize: Chi Straightener and CROC Blowdryer (valued at $200)
Second prize: Goody Basket (valued at $100) – 2 winners
Third Prize: $25 Walmart gift card – 25 winners

10 Winter Hair Tips & Easy Ballet Bun Tutorial with Goody Clean Radiance!

This is sponsored by Acorn Influence on behalf of Goody®.  All opinions are 100% My own.  Results based on consumer usage and perception study.
The cold weather is here, the moist summer air is gone and it has been replaced with dry cold air.  This takes its toll on our skin and hair, everything feels dry and crackly.  Both Lilly and I’s hair becomes more frizzy, dull, and unhealthy looking the longer the colder months last.  So I have 10 tips that I try to keep in mind all winter long.

10 Tips for Keeping Your Hair Looking Fab this Winter!
  1. Keep your body healthy and hydrated.  Drink water and eat protein rich foods.  Your hair starts from within so keep your body nourished.
  2. Minimal washing.  Lilly’s hair can go almost a week and look great without a wash, he scalp is naturally dry.  My hair on the other hand feels like greasy mess within 48 hours.  My scalp will get really greasy while the rest of my hair is dry and frizzy.  I still try to go as long as possible between washes, working from home helps because no one but my kids and husband can see the mess that is within my messy ponytail.  I have also fallen in love with dry shampoo,  for busy weeks when I have to face the world without washing my hair.  I can spray the dry shampoo on all the greasy parts and put my hair up in a pretty bun.  No one can tell how “dirty” my hair really is.
  3. When we have to wash our hair, I do a pre-treatment with some oils.  Massaging either coconut or argon oil onto our hair.  This prevents some of the stripping of natural oils from the shampoo.  My scalp being naturally oily, I focus the oils on my ends.  However with Lilly’s naturally dry and itchy scalp, I make sure to massage a good amount of oil into her scalp.
  4. Deep condition your hair whenever possible.  Lilly doesn’t like to hang out with conditioner and a shower cap on, so I try to pick up quick 3-5 minute treatments for her at the store.  That way I can deep condition while she plays in the bath.  On the other hand, I find it relaxing to have a spa night with my hair soaking in conditioner while I paint my nails.  So I try to use coconut oil as a treatment at least once a week.
  5. Resist hot showers.  It’s cold and frigid outside, my first instinct is to want to sit in a boiling shower for as long as possible.  However the hot water wrecks havoc on our hair by stripping moisture from it,  and our hair needs all the moisture it can get in the winter.  So I try to keep the temperature warm and my showers short.
  6. Limit hair dryers and heat tools.  Lilly loves to get her hair straightened, but we try to let her beautiful natural waves be her signature style during the winter.  As for me, my hair looks like a hot mess if I go all natural.  So I try to cut down on the damage by first letting my hair air dry, then spay on a heat protectant, and only use my straightener or curling wand.  This way I’m only using one styling tool apposed to 2 or 3.
  7. Invest in a humidifier for your home.  Outside the air is cold and dry, inside is likely warm from your heating system but the air is still dry.  Try to add some moisture back into the air so that your hair and skin can soak it up.
  8. Get to the salon for trims regularly.  The cold and wind can cause split ends and brittle hair.  Keep your hair looking its best by getting regular trims every 6-8 weeks.
  9. Switch to satin sheets and satin lined hats and hoods.  This prevents breakage and frizz from your hair rubbing repeatedly against knit fabrics.
  10. Keep your hair up.  This can help protect your ends from damage and stops your hair from tangling.  We do a lot of buns in our house.  Lilly loves to have her hair in a bun because all her dance friends always have buns in their hair.  I love buns because its an easy and cute hair style that looks good whether messy or sleek.
Our Quick and Easy Bun:
Pull the hair back into a simple high ponytail.  Of course we need to use our bright pink Goody ouchless hair elastics.  They are metal free so there is no breakage or pulling when it is time to take her hair down.  Plus they’re pink, need I say more?
Then twist the pony tail as tight at you can, and wrap it around the top of the ponytail.  Simple, it forms the bun.
Pin the wrapped ponytail into place with Goody Stay Tight Bobbies so that she can dance her heart out all day.
That’s all, easy and quick.  We can get out the door for dance or school in minutes.
With all the deep conditioning, oil treatments, and products we are using in the winter months its easy for our hair to start looking dull from the build up.  Plus the natural oils that are stuck up in our scalp are great for the rest or our hair shaft, but getting the oils down through your hair isn’t always easy.
Until Now!
Goody’s new Clean Radiance Brush that is available at Walmart, is helping us show off beautiful healthier hair!
The Clean Radiance brush is made with copper bristles that massage the scalp and reduce buildup and works the oils through your hair to restore natural moisture balance.
We received the “Define your Beauty Box” a couple weeks ago, to try this awesome brush.  Lilly was the first one to open the package as I sorted through other mail.  I could hear the squeal from the kitchen, “Mom it’s a gold brush!”  My daughter is obsessed with gold right now.  I could bare to tell her it was copper, so in our house its “the gold brush”.
The copper bristles on the flexible cushion pad are paired perfectly because it really does feel great as it massages our scalp while giving us a healthy shine.  It’s so relaxing at night to brush my hair before bed.  Goody advised me to use the brush for 7-10 days to see results and the box says to brush 2-3 times a day for maximum results.  So we have been using it for the last 2 weeks, and aiming for twice a day.  Granted some days I’m lucky to get Lilly’s hair brushed before school, never mind again at night.  However I love the feeling on my scalp so I have been going with the three times a day.  
I am hooked!  It feels great, my hair is shinier, and best of all the grease ball of build up isn’t stuck on my scalp anymore.  My hair definitely has a Clean Radiance to it, thanks to Goody!

How to Pack the Perfect Bridal Survival Bag! #BeHealthyForEveryPartofLife

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #BeHealthyForEveryPartofLife #CollectiveBias
Last month one of my very best friends got married in a breathtaking ceremony overlooking Newfound Lake in New Hampshire.  We all packed up on Friday and headed up to a charming inn for the weekend.  It was a fun weekend away and everything went off without a hitch.  
However a lot of time and planning had gone into this perfect day.  From the venue and flowers all the way down to what the bride kept in her purse, you could tell she worked on this perfect day for months.  
As bridesmaids we were in charge of doing whatever the bride asked of us.  If she needed to pee we held the dress, when she needed to chat till she could fall asleep we stayed up late doing puzzles.  Whatever she needed was what we did because this is a girl who deserves the world, and her wonderful fiance was going to give her just that.
Speaking as a former bride, a maid of honer, and many times over bridesmaid, I can tell you there are some essentials that every bride should have close by on her wedding day.  Whether a bridesmaid makes up a little bag for the bridal suite or the bride places a bag in the corner of a private restroom, having these things close by “just in case” can make a wedding day go smoothly if a mishap happens.
What to keep in a Bridal Survival Bag:
Mini Sewing Kit; Just in case a bustle wont stay put, a button pops, or a small tear happens.  This could be a life saver on the brides big day!
Stain Remover Pen; If someone hugs the bride with dirty hands and gets a stain on her beautiful gown or she accidentally rubs against the pen someone was using to sign the guest book, a stain remover pen can fix this problem fast.
Deodorant; Hopefully the bride will be dancing the night away having a blast with her new hubby.  This undoubtedly will cause some sweat, especially when your in a gown.  Keep a mini stick of deodorant tucked away.
Band-aids; Everyone may have practiced walking in their shoes and breaking them in, but blisters can still happen.  Keep some band-aids on hand so that the bridal party can quickly put them over any uncomfortable spots on their feet and head back out onto the dance floor.
Tissue; For makeup smudges, runny noses, or tears.  Tissues are always a must.
Mini tooth brushes and travel flossers; The bride will be kissing her new hubby a lot, she will also be nervous, sweating, taking countless pictures, and trying to get some food and drink in while thanking everyone for coming.  It will feel great to be able to freshen up her smile when she takes a bathroom break.
Travel Size Perfume; Her perfume will likely wear off through out the ceremony and reception.  Pack a sample size for refreshers.
Double Sided Tape; We used this a lot during the wedding last month.  We were able to tape our bra straps down so they couldn’t be seen, and when a hem came a little undone this saved the day.
Manicure Rescue Set; Pack away a nail file, lotion and coordinating nail polish in case a nail breaks.  Everyone will be looking at the brides hands to see her new bling, so if her nail breaks or chips it’s likely she’ll want to fix it.
Comb and Mini Hair Spray; If a curl pops our or bangs are falling into the brides face while dancing, these will come in handy.
Powder Compact; The bride will likely have her makeup professionally done but 4 hours later after tearing up at the ceremony, smiling for photographers, hugging a hundred people, and dancing, she may need a touch up.
ChapStick Total Hydration; The bride will be kissing her hubby all night plus the stress of putting on a perfect event can dry out her lips.  Keep this ChapStick with advanced nourishing formula with argan oil and avocado butter and rosehip oils, close by because it instantly smooths and moisturizes.
Advil Tablet Vial; The bride has to be on top of her game from start to finish on her big day.  She has no time for a headache or aches and pains.  Keep this tough long lasting pain reliever on hand and Use Advil tablets for headaches, minor arthritis and other joint pain, muscle aches and pains of the common cold.
Emergen-C Immune+ Chewables; Destination weddings are all the rage right now and it’s easy to start to feel under the weather when your traveling and stressed.  So keeping these immune support chewables around to give you a boost is a great idea.  
Weddings are a lot of work and everyone if busy running around, luckily everything you need to keep in your Bridal Survival Bag is available with one stop at Walmart.  

10 Quick Ways to Pamper and Refresh Yourself During a Mommy Potty Break! #ConfidenceUDeserve

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #ConfidenceUDeserve #CollectiveBias
As a mom I know some days I can’t even get an uninterrupted trip to the bathroom.  Everyone in my house seems to always need something, whether it’s a cup of water, homework help, a toy fixed, or just some snuggles.
However during that “time of the month” it becomes extra important for me to get that me time.  Some months I get to spoil myself with spa nights or vegging time on the couch.  Then there are the months, like now with the holidays approaching, that my days seem to be jam packed from the time I open my eyes till the time my head hits the pillow.  During month’s like these, I try to get the most out of my bathroom trips.
Thinking of a potty trip as a luxurious moment in the day, may be something only a mommy really understands, but during hectic months when my period hits my 5 minute bathroom trips become a destresser and confidence booster.
I keep the basket that hangs next to my sink packed with quick fixes that help me feel more like me even when I’m tired and feeling the effects of my period.
In my basket I include:

1. Exfoliating Hand Scrub, you have to wash you hands anyways right?  Why not take an extra moment and make it a more relaxing experience.
2.  Lip Scrub, my lips are always dry and while my chap stick always seems to be in my back pocket, I often forget to give them a little extra treatment.  When I need a little pick me upper, I’ll put a yummy sugar based scrub on my lips and massage it in.  Then once I’m done with my bathroom business I rinse the excess scrub and dry skin away.
3. Deep Moisturizing Hand Lotion, on my way out the door I love being able to smell the relaxing scent of my favorite lotions.  Plus with the colder months upon us, its something that I often forget but truly feels like a spa treatment.
4. Facial Wipes, my skin can feel extra oily during my period.  Wiping down my face with a facial cleansing wipe helps me feel clean, refreshed, and only takes a minute.
 5. Lip gloss, on a day to day basis I don’t usually look very put together.  I work from home, so most days the only people who see me are the kids and my hubby.  However I have been making more of a conscious effort to get dressed to my shoes everyday because it motivates me get things done.  With that throwing on some lip gloss as I exit the bathroom, helps me feel pretty and more ahead of the game.
6. Menstrual Relief Medication, in case I start to feel some period side effects.  I can nip them in the bud quickly without a second thought.
7. Mini Manicure Kit, I also keep a bottle of nail polish, nail file, and a nail polish remover wipe available.  Granted I don’t often get to push my bathroom trips out long enough for a full manicure.  However during that time when my husband has come home from work and this mommy really needs a moment alone, I hide out in the bathroom and repaint my nails as nice little break
8. Stick On Heating Pads, I don’t often have time to lay down with a heating pad on my tummy or back.  So the stick on ones available at CVS are perfect to sooth away any cramps.
9.  Personal Cleansing Cloths, these handy wipes keep you feeling fresh and clean when you don’t have the extra 15 minutes to jump in the shower.
10.  U by Kotex® supplies, I love the fun and colorful packaging of all the U by Kotex® tampons and pads.  The bright colors help make that time of the month feel less like a womanly chore.  Plus I like how they eliminate any stress about protection mishaps because they always keep me leak free.
Check out the Daily Break to learn more tips to help you feel confident during your period and help you Save The Undies.
Thankfully CVS carries everything I need for my bathroom basket.  So while I’m running my monthly errand of picking up my families prescriptions, I am also able to restock my period supplies without a second thought.
Currently CVS is offering a great coupon deal on U by Kotex®, So check that out and save on your next period supply stock up.

Plaid is Rad This Season ~ Plaid Nail Art Tutorial! #RinseMadeRad

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #RinseMadeRad #CollectiveBias
Who loves plaid?  I do!  Especially in the fall months.  The cooler weather makes me excited to pull out my comfy plaid shirts, and that feeling spreads all over my home.  Plaid isn’t just for lumber jacks and farming folk anymore, plaid can be fashionable and fun!  I have plaid mugs for curling up and drinking a warm cup of coffee.  Plaid pillows, throw blankets, and kitchen towels to bring out the fall feeling in my home.

  Plus I like to do my nails in a fun plaid design to match perfectly and get in the spirit of all the fall fairs and rodeos that are going on.  It’s a simple nail design, all you need is a base coat and some nail art pens.

Paint on your base coat.
Then use the nail art pens to draw vertical and horizontal lines over lapping each other.
That’s all, you now have more plaid in your life.
I am always on the look out for more plaid fun.  
This year I was thrilled to see that I can add a touch of plaid to my bathroom sink because my LISTERINE® bottle is now at target wrapped in plaid!
I consider LISTERINE® a staple in my bathroom and as a part of my oral health anyways so now getting it in this decorative bottle is twice as nice!  
My mouth feels fresher and cleaner after rinsing with LISTERINE® mouthwash.  Plus my gums have become much healthier sense using I started using it years ago.  

Are you excited to go get your Rad for Plaid bottle of LISTERINE®?  Now’s the perfect time, take advantage of this Cartwheel deal and save 10% on each bottle.

These LISTERINE® bottles are available in 4 different flavors and designs, Zero: Red Plaid, Cool Mint: Blue plaid, Original: Yellow plaid, Fresh Burst: Green Plaid.  Which is your favorite?

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