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We Survived Lillys 48 Hour EEG!

One of the many tests the neurologist referred Lilly to was an EEG for her staring spells that have been scaring me allot lately.
We can be in the middle of playing when all of a sudden she just completely zones out and stairs off into space or at an object. They are doing the 48 hour EEG to rule out any type of seizure disorder.
We went into Children’s Hospital and it took them about an hour and a half to attach a ton of little electrodes to her head then wrap up and cover them all then run the wires to a case that they put in a cute little backpack. I was a nervous wreck that I was going to be back in an hour with them all pulled off but I was shocked and proud at how good my little princess did! she didn’t touch them at all, all weekend! Not one fell off and she didn’t fight me once about the backpack. I did try to keep her separated from Aidan whenever I had to do something that took my attention away from them but all and all it went allot smoother than I anticipated!

We went back and it only took about 20 minutes to get them all off, her hair was a hot mess but the grease they use to remove the electrodes helped allot with being able to comb through it and within one wash it was back to its normal curly mess.
NOW we have to wait 2 weeks for the results….. seriously! ugh

Saying Goodbye to Early Intervention

I never thought it would be so heart breaking to say goodbye to the twins EI teachers, but I was in tears everyday of the week saying goodbye to one after the other.
I know when Anthony was a toddler and had a speech delay, it was sad knowing his therapist was leaving and he was growing up BUT when the twins therapists left it was so much different, yes I was sad that they were growing up so fast but at the same time I was oober excited to see them going off to preschool, I mean finally a moment to shower without a little person trying to climb in! What I was sad about was way more personal this go around, the twins each had 6 therapists and about 20 hours of services each, so these therapists weren’t just teaching the kids, they listened to my melt downs, went to doctor appointments with me, watched each milestone the kids met along side me, they taught me how to parent two autistic toddlers and showed me ever resource available. They were more than therapists, they were in our home everyday, and were family.
So I wanted to do something special, but with 12 of them I couldn’t afford anything close to what they deserved, but I came up with these cute little Bracelets, the stamped boxes say it all!

My Favorite Sensory Toys

Both Aidan and Lilly need a lot of stimulation everyday, Lilly needs to be wound up to get going and break out of her shell, Aidan needs to get regulated and spend some of his energy. In order to try to stop the wall crashing, stairs jumping, and furniture climbing we’ve invested in some great toys and have made a portion of the basement into a mini sensory gym for them.
These are my Favorites….
The Ikorre Swing by Ikea is AMAZING! Its similar to the big and very expensive autism swings, but its affordable for the average family. My kids love the cacooness of this swing, it surrounds them so they feel safe and they get tons of sensory input. It can swing front to back, side to side, or be spun.
The Jumpsmart Personal Trampoline is another great investment. my kids love to jump on this and then do some crashing onto a mattress we have down there. This trampoline has music and games that can be turned on and off depending on the child’s mood.
The twins also have these adorable tents in the corners filled with pillows, teddy bears, and books. I started to see that they needed a space that they could retreat to that was just theirs to prevent melt downs when they got overwhelmed and I didn’t want to have their bed associated with always being overwhelmed. These castles that Lilly’s godmother got them for their second birthday did the trick perfectly. They love having there own little escape place.
We also have regular fun toys down in the basement, some vibrating animals, a crawl tunnel, therapy ball, punching bag, and light weights. This part of the house used more than any other including the kitchen, I don’t know what we would do without it especially in the winter months when the kids are going insane from being cooped up.

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