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9 top tips

9 Tips for Saving Money as a Sports Mom

It’s that time of year again, back to school and back to practice! My biggest struggle with this time of year is transforming from a road tripping, laid back, adventure seeking mom, into a sports mom. It’s the time to buckle down on routines and unpack my suitcases and fill my trunk with sports equipment and bleacher chairs. However, even with traveling cut way back, everyday life still forces us to budget and find savings everywhere we can.


With three children, I have been a soccer mom, a dance mom, an archery mom, and a baseball mom over the years. While all these roles have meant a lot of driving and time restraints, I had no idea how busy a sports mom’s life could be until this year when I became a football and cheer mom.


I am at a practice field for hours at least four nights out of the week, and games take up most of my Saturdays, and that’s just time. Between registration, equipment, and fuel costs, these sports have also taken a huge chunk of my budget. Plus, my oldest has decided to switch to golf lessons and sign up for science club, so that is added to the schedule.

Like most sports moms, I am constantly on the go while also trying to save money.

Here are my top money saving tips for sports moms!

  1. Ask about sibling discounts. I have 2 children registered in the youth football league, even though one is in cheerleading and one is in football, I was surprised when I learned I was eligible for a discount. Remember it never hurts to ask.
  2. Sell old equipment before you buy new sports equipment. By the end of each sports season, we have a basket of out-grown shoes and cleats, pads and clothing for sports the kids have opted out of for the next season, and lots of practice items like nets and ball throwers. In-between each season, I go through our storage area and sell off the items that are no longer needed or out grown. I list them on yard sale sites, team Facebook groups, or bring them to sporting goods consignment shops.
  3. Buy used equipment or borrow it. We have already gone through a pair of cleats this season and football started only 6 weeks ago. You never know when a growth spurt is going to happen. Plus, all the pads can add up even with team coupons. Look for used sporting goods stores in your area, I have paid less than half of retail price on most of this year’s items.
  4. Make sure everything is labeled and organized. I know how easily things can get lost or mistakenly taken by another kid when a team full of tired sweaty kids are throwing their helmets, pads, and water bottles in a pile. This sometimes equals having to buy the same thing twice and basically throwing money away. Keeping everything labeled with a colorful name tag makes it easy for your child to know exactly which items are his at the end of practice.
  5. Get out your crockpot. I leave my house to pick up the kids from school and then we are in the car or on the field until the sun goes down. When we get home, the last thing I want to think about is cooking dinner, plus I am already concentrating on bed time within 30 minutes of stepping in the door. For the first week, I was taken back at how busy our schedule had become and found myself at the drive-thru constantly. This was not only expensive for a family of five, but also effecting my waist line. That’s when I started planning crockpot meals for all our practice nights. This way a warm dinner is ready for us as soon as we get home.
  6. Pack snacks and drinks. The first week of practices, I not only found myself at the drive-thru for dinner, I was also driving thru before practices for an ice coffee for myself, and even running in convenient stores for snacks and water. At the end of the week, I realized if that continued I would be shelling out more than the registration fee on waters alone. I now make sure that a soft cooler is packed with drinks for myself and snacks for the kids to have in-between practices or while they watch each other’s games.
  7. Get a large water bottle for each sports player. The kids are out in the sun for hours every afternoon and here in Florida it is still 90 degrees outside on most days. I want them to drink as much water as possible, and they get thirsty out there. Instead of packing several small water bottles, I found the big sports thermoses to be best. I fill them up at home with filtered water and ice, which saves me money, plus the water jugs stay cold all day so they aren’t asking for a cold one out of the vending machines.
  8. Pack a supply bag. Over the years, I have learned that if I don’t have it on me they will end up needing it. Thus, I have spent a lot of time and money running into pharmacies while the kids are on the field. Now, I have a tote bag that stays in the back of the car most of the time and is filled with all my essentials. I keep bug spray, sunblock, a towel, baby wipes, a single use ice pack, band aids, hair ties, small scissors, ibuprofen, and a change of clothes, in it always.
  9. Use your *Fuel Rewards® card! As sports moms, we spend a lot of time on the road. Between running from one activity to another and driving to games and competitions, we are constantly refueling. Last week was our first game, which was an hour drive away, luckily, I saved money on the fuel fill up just by using my Fuel Rewards® card.


I joined the Fuel Rewards® program at the beginning of the summer and in past posts I have shared with you how I saved on our Orlando road trip and our beach vacation. Now that travel season has ended, I am still using the Fuel Rewards® program to save during our everyday life.

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These are the top ways I save as a busy sports mom. What is your top money saving tip?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Shell. The opinions and text are all mine.


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