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Month: January 2017

3 Tips to Get Your Family to the Breakfast Table + A Great Deal on Big G Cereal #BigGBreakfast

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My favorite times with my family is around the kitchen table.  As the kids have gotten older, I’ve realized this is one of the few times that they are all able to get along and focus on sharing what is going on in their lives.  However, by the time all three children reached school age, getting everyone to the breakfast table became my most dreaded time of the day.  With three children to get dressed, homework to find, lunches to pack, and of course that one missing shoe to find as the bus pulls down the road, food just wasn’t on my mind.
Yet I still missed that special time in the morning when I could look around the table and love on my family before the day starts and life gets messy.  After a few weeks of chaos and my mommy intuition nagging at me, I took a few steps to make sure we all got to the breakfast table every morning.
1.  Lay out everything the kids will need the next day before bed.  I used to do this as a kid, but with my oldest son being incredibly picky about clothes and my daughter wanting to wear every accessorie she owns, I tried to just let them have a free for all to avoid a mommy melt down.  Big mistake!  Now they have 30 minutes before bed to decide exactly what they want to wear down to their socks and undies.
Also backpacks are fully packed.  If homework is not finished by bedtime, they have to explain it to their teacher because gone are the days of rushed homework before school.  Lastly shoes are left by the door and ready to go, no more missing pairs.  Plus I may or may not have threatened to make them wear their snowboots to school the next time they loose their shoes (we moved to Florida this year, snowboots arn’t in fashion).  Having absolutly everything ready to go has helped smooth out our mornings the most.

2. Wake up 15 minutes before I have to wake up the kids.  I used to roll out of bed, stumble to drag each child out of bed, before pushing the start button on the coffee maker.  I am now a morning person at all, so waking up even just 15 minutes early was a transition for me, but it has been a huge help.  In that 15 minutes, I am able to drink some coffee and take a minute to enjoy the calm before the storm.  In turn the kids feed off of my more relaxed energy and have a much more pleasant morning.

3.  Get easy and quick breakfast options everyone likes, like Big G Cereal!  Big G Cereal keeps my kids smiling with cereals such as Lucky Charms, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Trix, and Cookie Crisp.  Plus they have mommy’s favorite Honey Nut Cheerios, so everytime I’m at Publix I make sure to stock up on all my families favorites.  By putting the kid’s favorite Big G Cereals on the table, everyone comes to the breakfast table happy and ready to enjoy some family time.



American Girl 2017 Girl of the Year – Gabriela McBride

Have you met Gabriela McBride yet?  American Girl’s 2017 “Doll of the Year” Gabriela was released on January 1st and she has Lilly completely in love!

American Girl 2017 Girl of the Year – Gabriela McBride

Gabriela McBride, is the American Girl 2017 Girl of the Year! Gabriela is described as a, “true creative talent who uses the power of poetry to help her overcome stuttering.” Gabriela is a wonderful American Girl Doll to help  teach your child they can overcome any obstacle they are facing in life. From stuttering to confidence, this American Girl Doll is truly inspiring. 

American Girl Gabriela Creative Studio Doll Set

I love how each American Girl doll has a story behind it, so your child can relate to the doll! These dolls are meant to be fun and give your child hours and hours of play time, but to also inspire them to be the best they can be! I think that is what makes American Girl dolls so unique. 

If you child has a stuttering problem, then Gabby could really help build up your child’s confidence. Gabby shows strength, and shows that writing poems becomes an outlet, and helps build up confidence to overcome her stuttering! 

Gabriela McBride American Girl Doll 

Gabriela is 18″, has warm brown eyes that open and clothes. She has some beautiful dark brown hair that is full of curls. Gabriela has a cloth body, which makes her very huggable. She can move her head and limbs, easily which makes playtime more fun! She does come with the Gabriela paperback book, and her signature outfit. 


American-Girl-Doll-of-the-year-2017-gabriela-blog-reviewHer Outfit: 

  • Fitted dark blue jeggings
  • Cropped purple sweater with silver dream graphic, and a soft turquoise tank top
  • Purple shoes with turquoise straps
  • Pink Double headband and 10 hairbands

Plus you can head over to the Gabby-dedicated site: where you can find free book excerpts, videos, e-cards, and much more. This is a fun perk of the Gabby doll! You can even create your own Gabriela poem


Where to Buy: 

If you are interested in buying the Gabriela American Girl Doll, you can shop at or through one of their retail stores! This is a perfect doll to add to your child’s American Girl collection! 
The Gabriela Doll & Book Set Retail Cost: $115
Gabriels Accessories Retail Cost: $28

Get Social with American Girl!


Disclosure:  American Girl sent us a doll to help facilitate this review, all opinions are 100% my own.

American Girl Doll Melody Ellison

Melody Doll-LR

American Girl Doll Melody Ellison

If you are looking for a new American Girl Doll for a special little girl in your life, consider Melody Ellison! She is all about fairness and equality for all people! Melody loves to help out her friends and family, church, help at home and more. She believes that her voice is powerful, and that it can make a difference in making the world a better place. 

Melody is the BeForever character, whose story (1960’s era) reflects the changing face in history. Her story is the backdrop of the civil rights movement, she wants to raise awareness of racial inequality! Melody wants her friends and family and all the community that surrounds her to be aware of the inequalities, and make a change. She is inspired by Dr. King, to have a dream of her own! 

Melody's Block Party Doll Set-LR

Melody stands for fairness and equality for all people. She loves music and performing, so that each person can find their “voice” and express their opinions. You can see this is one inspirational doll, who can bring confidence and strength to your child! Teach them to speak up for things they believe in and be themselves. 

Melody's Bedroom Set-HR

Melody Comes With: 

  • Bright blue and green houndstooth A-line dress with a blue collar. It has a stunning blue bow on the chest and blue bows on the side pleats. 
  • Blue ribbon headband with a bow for her gorgeous hair. 
  • Underwear and socks
  • Blue patent shoes with a bow on the toes 

Melody is an 18″ doll, that is the classic size for American Girl Dolls! She has a nice soft body that makes hugs extra soft! she has moveable hands and feet, and her head moves. Your child will love playing dress up, and just playing with Melody for hours. You can buy so many fun accessories for the American Girl Doll line! I think even some parents out there, get envious of these adorable dolls! 

Melody Lifestyle Reading-HR

I think what sets Melody apart, is she has such an inspirational story behind her. That if you read this to your child and let them learn all the inspiring things about Melody, they too will feel that they can make a change in the world today! 

Disclosure:  American Girl sent us a Melody doll to help facilitate this review, all opinions are 100% my own.