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With school back in session, I am back to worrying about the kid’s getting all the vitamins they need throughout the day.  They are eating breakfast and lunch at school, which only leaves me preparing and watching how much is eaten at one meal a day.  Knowing that Aidan is already a very picky eater and that the medication he is on for his autism usually leaves him with little to no interest in food, I worry that he isn’t getting much nutrition from his diet.

Being an autism mom can add extra stress to normally simple task, this includes finding a multivitamin for daily nutritional support.  I have tried countless multivitamins in the past as a way to ensure Aidan is getting the nutrients he needs.  However getting him to eat the vitamins I have purchased, was always harder than getting him to eat a bowl of Brussels Sprouts.  The chewy vitamins we have tried always had a medicine like aftertaste that would cause Aidan to go into a full fledged meltdown because “he couldn’t make the taste stop”.
 Multivitamins at Target!  We use and trust Nature Made® for the melatonin that the boys need at night and I used the prenatal vitamins during both pregnancies, so I had to try the KIDS FIRST® supplements to fill the nutritional gap in his diet.
I tried one as soon as I got in the car after checking out at my local Target, my mouth was dry so I dug in my bag and decided to test the gummies out.  I was honestly shocked!  It tasted like the fruit snacks I get the kids for snack time, that I usually secretly eat after I put them in bed.  No after taste and no weird texture.
Plus the most important part, Aidan loves them!  They are soft and easy to chew and the all natural fruit flavors are delicious, including orange, mixed berry, and Aidan’s favorite cherry.  He asks for his gummie every morning before school when he takes his prescription medication.
He enjoys them so much that I keep them hidden in my room so that he doesn’t forget that they are medicine and try to eat more than the directions suggest.
After Aidan gave me the thumbs up that he approved the multivitamins, I ran back to Target and grabbed the Nature Made® KIDS FIRST® Fiber Gummies.
Lilly is a great eater, she loves food!  However she has always had some stomach issues and her pediatrician had recommended a Fiber supplement.  Unfortunately for a while I had to force her to drink a powdery water mix because she hated the gummies.  I was shocked when she tried the KIDS FIRST® brand and had no complaints.
These gummies have made my life so much easier and gives me peace of mind as well.
Getting in as much nutrition as possible through the foods we eat is always my main goal, however with kids that just isn’t always possible.  However I still take nutrition seriously and so does Nature Made®!
Some facts from Nature Made®:
Nature Made® KIDS FIRST® Multivitamin Gummies:
  • Contains 12 essential nutrients for age-specific nutritional support, including vitamins A, C, D and E, B vitamins, and minerals like iodine and zinc
  • All natural fruit flavors
  • Colors derived from natural sources – No synthetic dyes
  • No preservatives or yeast
  • Gluten free
Nature Made® KIDS FIRST® Fiber Gummies:
  • Good source of fiber
  • All-natural fruit flavors
  • Colors derived from natural sources – No synthetic dyes
  • No preservatives or yeast
  • Gluten free
These are definitely a staple in our house now!
†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  These products  are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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