I have pictures of myself and my cousin sitting on the train at Santa’s Village and in the sleigh outside from the early 80’s and now I am ecstatic to have pictures of my own children sitting in that Santa’s Village sleigh and memories of us riding on Santa’s train.

I absolutely love Christmas and Santa’s Village lets me enjoy the Christmas spirit and all that entails Christmas time all year long!
This year I was invited to be a member of Santa’s Squad and post about our fun while we visited.  If you follow us on Instagram, you probably saw all the fun we had in live time.  If not, then make sure to read on and see all the excitement to be had at Santa’s Village in Jefferson, New Hampshire!
We arrived about 20 minutes before the park opened for a special visit with Santa.  We fed the reindeer and the kids got to learn some neat things about them.  Then Santa himself came out and chatted with the kids and took them for a ride on the Reindeer Carousel.  This was an incredible moment for the twins, who had smiles from ear to ear!
Once the park opened to the public, Santa had to hurry off to his house where he is available through out the day for every visitor to sit on his lap and take a photo.
After Santa left, we took a ride on the Skyway Sleigh.  I loved this ride because I could enjoy it with the kids despite my health issues and because it gave me a glimpse at the whole park so I could plan out our day in my head. Then we headed out to explore.
Some of our other favorite rides are Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree, The Chimney Drop, and The Little Drummer Boy.

However Anthony’s favorite ride was the Rudy’s Rapid Transit Coaster.  He rode the roller coaster a half dozen times, and because the lines were never very long, I was able to sit back and watch him enjoying himself while the twins repeatedly raced each other on the Red Hot Racers.

Due to my health issues I am unable to ride a lot of the rides with the kids, Santa’s Village is now one of my absolute favorite theme parks for the simple reason that they offer fun and simple ways to make memories with the kids beyond the rides.  Such as have swing sets around the park, crafts at The North Pole Workshop, and of course the Elfabet game that was a huge hit with the kids.

The North Pole Workshop offers budget friendly hand made crafts that kids can create themselves with some help from Santa’s helpers.  Such as t-shirts, sand art, bath soaps, and my kids favorite Elf Ooze.
While exploring the park, the kids all played Santa’s Villages unique Elfabet game.
Throughout the park are elf statues that the kids have to find and use the elfs box to punch their cards.  Once they collected all their punches, we returned to the Elf University to collect their prize.

We also revisited the Reindeer Rendezvous because the kids had fallen in love with all the reindeer earlier in the day.

Once we finished all the dry rides and activities, it was time to cool off and get wet!  The Ho Ho H2O Water Park was a hit for both mom and the kids.  Once we changed into our swimsuits at the Elf’s Lodge, I found a chair to sit and relax at while watching the kids soak up all the water fun.  The water park is the perfect size for young kids, with water slides, sprays and the biggest hit, the bucket that continuously fills up and dumps gallons of water on the kids.
Once we were cooled off and water logged, we changed into some dry clothes and headed over to the Gingerbread House to grab some sweet treats for the ride home.
The kids got to decorate some cookies and I enjoyed a delicious macaroon.
My absolute favorite part of Santa’s Village is the fact that they are keeping Christ in Christmas.  With a theme park centered around the Christmas spirit, its easy to get caught up in Santa and his reindeer, however Santa’s Village has a St. Nicholas Chapel that was one of the first buildings in Santa’s village back in 1954.  Everywhere I look now a days I see religion being taken out of Christmas festivities, so that some people wont be offended and so that businesses can make more money.  I commend Santa’s Village for having this breathtaking display, and I loved that it gave my kids a moment of reflecting on what really matters in the middle of the excitement of an amusement park visit.
Santa’s Village is definitely one of my favorite attractions in the White Mountains area of New Hampshire.  We had fun making memories that will last a lifetime and are now thinking about how cool it would be at Christmas time.  This may be a visit I will have to plan when the winter season comes around.
Santa’s Village
528 Presidential Highway
Jefferson, NH 03583
Adults and Children 4 & Over: $31.00
Seniors: $28.00
Ages 3 and Younger: Free
Disclosure: We received free passes to help facilitate this post.  All opinions are 100% my own.


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