This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Juice Plus+
As part of my new years goal to live a healthier life,  I took part in the #MySimpleChange challenge with Juice Plus+.  As a busy mom maintaining a healthy lifestyle can add even more stress to my life when I start making drastic changes that are impossible to maintain.  Luckily Juice Plus+ launched the My Simple Change campaign which focuses on making simple changes that can leave lasting results while also focusing on stress relief.

As part of the challenge, Juice Plus+ sent me a bunch of stuff – including capsules, chewables and shake mix – to get me through the My Simple Change journey.
I loved all these products!  The capsules and the chewables helped me make sure I was getting a good amount of nutrition in to my body even on the days that I wasn’t able to pack in as many fruits and vegetables as I’d like.  Plus the chewables are delicious,  I had to hide them on a top shelf because the kids wanted to eat them like a snack, they are that yummy!
The shakes taste delicious and are packed with protein and fiber.  This helped me curve my sweet tooth and filled me up when I didn’t have time for a big meal.
I also loved how easy it is to customize the shakes to suit my favorite flavors.  My 2 favorites mix ups are adding a teaspoon of organic peanut butter and a banana to the Dutch Chocolate flavor, and adding a handful of strawberries to the French Vanilla flavor.
Studies show that the best results are felt and seen after using the products for three months.  Personally I felt a shift in my energy level and digestive issues a lot sooner when combining the Juice Plus+ products with my favorite simple changes.
My 5 Favorite Simple Changes That I Have Adopted:
1. Eat Breakfast:  breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but for years I had just been grabbing my coffee and starting the day.  I have started eating a healthy omelet most mornings, it’s easy to make and gives me tons of energy.
2.  I’ve also switched a lot of my coffee intake with tea.  My morning coffee is a routine that I love so that was to hard for me to change, however I was also drinking at least 2 more cups of coffee through out the day.  Now if I get the hot mug craving, I make a yummy cup of green tea.
3.  Counting Steps:  My Christmas present from the hubby was an Apple Watch, so on January 1st I made sure to set up the pedometer app so that I can monitor how active I am each day.  This also pushes me to park further away from places so that I can watch the number get higher.
4. Get at least 8 hours of sleep:  As a work at home mommy of three, I was used to working till all hours of the night then tossing and turning in bed till the kids had me up at 6 in the morning.  I’ve always heard the saying 2 am was invented for writers and feeding babies.  Well it is true a great 2 am writing session brings out some amazing thoughts, however my waistline was suffering and my face looked like a droopy mess.  The early morning wake up was something I couldn’t change, so heading to bed early with a nice skin routine has worked wonders for my health and stress levels.
5.  Refill the water bottle:  Drinking the amount of water my body needs has always been a struggle for me, however I love how it fills me up and keeps my skin looking fresh and clear.  To help with the struggle I looked into infusing my water which gives it a hint of taste and makes it less boring.

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Juice Plus+.

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