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Month: April 2016

Some Thing GOOD is Here! GOOD THiNS Snacks

Good THins Easy Snack

Some Thing GOOD is Here! GOOD THiNS Snacks!

If you have not had a chance to try GOOD THiNS, you might want to head to your local store the beginning of March 3rd! You can find them in your cracker aisle at Albertsons/Safeway stores! I made a dash to our local Shaws store and picked up a few boxes for me and my family to try!

My two favorites were the Original Sweet Potato and the Rice Veggie Blend! I love sweet potatoes, so I was excited to try them, and I was not disappointed! The sweet potato had a nice and light flavor that wasn’t heavy and left me feeling satisfied and happy! These snacks make a great snack any time of the day! 


5 Simple Changes to Living a Healthier Life with the Juice Plus+ Lifestyle

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Juice Plus+
Juice Plus+ Lifestyle and simple changes for healthy living

Juice Plus+ Lifestyle

As part of my New Year’s goal to live a healthier life,  I took part in the #MySimpleChange challenge with Juice Plus+.  As a busy mom maintaining a healthy lifestyle can add even more stress to my life when I start making drastic changes that are impossible to maintain.  Luckily the Juice Plus+ lifestyle and the My Simple Change campaign which focuses on making simple changes that can leave lasting results while also focusing on stress relief.