As I talked about last year, I love taking a family camping trip every year.  I grew up going camping eve summer and feel that it is an experience every kids should get to experience.
The campfire, smores, floating around a lake, fishing, dances, and everything else about camping makes for some of the most precious family memories.
We went back to Pine Acres in Raymond N.H. this year,  It’s the campground I grew up going to and now that they have great owners again I am excited that I can take my kids there.  The faces they give me as I walk by a spot and tell them stories of when me and “uncle” were their age, are priceless.
We went with my mother, 2 aunts, and tons of cousins, so the kids had a blast as well as the adults.
Pine Acres like most family campgrounds has themed weekends and the theme of our weekend was, Beach Party!  and party we did!  My cousin Johnny did very well at the limbo contest while all the little cousins won second place in the sand castle competition.
The Friday night dance was off the hook with a “light up” theme, they had glow in the dark body paint for everyone.  The glow sticks were everywhere and the memories made were priceless.

This was one of our last trips of the season and it in a sense wrapped up our summer before the kids started school.  It was the perfect end to an exciting summer.
Now to begin planning next years family camping trip!  I’m so excited that about 15 more family memebers have jumped on board and we are planning to make next year one for the photo albums!  “Mucci Family Camping Trip 2015” in the making!

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