“God broke our hearts to prove he only takes the best!”

I haven’t been able to bring myself to write any posts for a few weeks and I wanted to let my following readers know why.   My family lost an amazing, smart, loving little soul in the beginning of June.  My baby cousin and Lilly’s bestie was taken from his loving mommy and daddy and made into one of God’s perfect angels.
I cant understand why, I cant rationalize this in any way, it feels like a nightmare as the memories run through my head.  This little boy was surrounded by so much love!  His mommy is the best mother I know, every breath she took was consumed with love for her baby boy.
He was smart beyond his years and loved everyone, so I have to believe that God needed him for a mighty job up in Heaven.  However even knowing my precious baby cousin is in God’s kingdom does not heal our broken and bleeding hearts.
We love you baby boy and we will see you again one day when you meet us up in the sky!

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