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 The Voice is my absolute favorite musical competition.  the dynamic among the judges is perfect and always keeps me laughing.  My favorite judge is Blake Shelton, I love his music first and foremost but I also think he knows so much about music and the industry.
I am the type of viewer who loves the beginning of the season, when you see tons of different musicians good and not so good competing, The dynamics between the families, the musician, and the judges during the beginning of each season draws me in and I become addicted, plus I love those spinning chairs!  As each season goes on it gets to a point that I think all the contestants are amazing and I fall behind on episodes.  This season I think Josh Kaufman, Jake Worthington and Christina Grimmie are all very talented but I’m voting on Josh Kaufman.  I just love his voice and style.

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This post is sponsored by Global Influence all opinions are my own


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