1) Rain Forest Cafe – we love this restaurant!  The prices are a but high and the wait time can be long, but we play in the mall upstairs while we wait and the prices are worth the excitement the kids have and the relaxation me and the hubby get.  It’s a loud and fairly dark restaurant, this means if Aidan yells or starts flapping his arms he isn’t bothering anyone else.  However all the animal notices, waterfalls, and fish tanks keeps him calm and happy.

2) Ikea – it’s Spring!  Which means spring cleaning and organizing like crazy.  I love the Alex draw line for office supplies and makeup storage, and the Malm Dressing Table is awesome!
Bubblegum Tea – I am a newbie to this yumminess and now I’m addicted!
Starbucks Cake Pops – these yummy treats are usually reserved for the kiddos considering I get enough calories from my frappuccino.  However after a recent extra long neurology appointment with Aidan I caved in and had one myself and these are so delicious!
Blueberry Acai EOS Lip Balm – I tried this flavor for the first time this week and it is now my absolute fave.  So far I’ve only been able to find it at Ulta so next time I’m there I’ll be stocking up.

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