This year was our first time at the Pirate’s League in Adventure Land at Magic Kingdom.  We had done the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique with Lilly on our last visit but hadn’t heard about the Pirate’s League yet.
This is a must do if you have Pirate Lovers in your family!  The boys had so much fun, and their faces through out the entire experience were priceless.

 We checked in outside and chose the pirate package we wanted,  I also decided to add on the pirate clothing to our package choice.

The package choices are:
First Mate/Empress Packages$29.95
Face Painting
Reversible Bandana
Earring and eye patch
Sword and Sheath
Temporary Tattoo
Pirate League Bag
Pirate Coin Necklace
Pirate Oath
Official Pirate Name
Participation in the Daily Pirate Parade

Jake and the Never Land Pirates: $44.95
Jake and the Never Land Pirates bandana with faux hair
Face Painting
Sword and sheath
Pirates League bag
Pirate coin necklace
Jake and the Never Land Pirates T-shirt
Participation in the daily Pirate Parade

The Mermaid Deluxe Package: $74.95
Mermaid makeup and makeup palette
Mermaid hairstyle and color-changing hair clip
Mermaid necklace
Nail polish
Mermaid sash
Mermaid T-shirt and tutu
Participation in the daily Pirate Parade
The full pirate costumes cost extra or you can bring your own.  They cost a bit more but I think they made the whole day that much more special, plus I’m thinking a Pirate and Princess party theme for the twins birthday so the costumes will be used again.
When we first walked in a crew member brought us to a dressing room where the boys got to put on there Jack Sparrow like costumes.  They then went to find out their pirate names and sign the pirate book.

After the little pirates where named we got to move along into where all the fun is.  Our stylists introduced themselves to the boys and got to pick the pirate faces they wanted.  Anthony wanted a complete pirate transformation to look like his favorite Jack Sparrow.

Aidan on the other hand is not a face paint fan, the idea of it usually causes a complete melt down.  However his pirate stylist was awesome with him, she took it very slow with him and he agreed to a little cut on his cheek, which he was very proud of for the rest of the day.

After the boys took their Pirate Oaths we went into a “secret” room to learn about a treasure and get the boys photographs taken.
We then went to check out, the photographs where packaged and ready to purchase, the boys also got their Pirates Pledge with their Pirate names on it.

This was so much fun and like Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, the fun doesn’t end after the makeover!  On all the Disney buses they played a special announcement saying there was a pirate on board.  All the cast members also called them Pirate’s all day.

Dress Up Fun at Disney!

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  1. Irene @ FindAuPair
    March 18, 2014 at 1:09 pm (4 years ago)

    Your kids surely must have had a lot of fun! Everything was very realistic, and even the make-up seemed real. They must have definitely felt like pirates for a day! Nice idea for a dress up party. Thank you!

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