Lilly has been infatuated with accessories lately, every morning she has a pile of things she wants to put on from jewelry to belts to pocketbooks.  She had her ears pierced as a baby but the holes had closed up over the years because the earrings were constantly falling out, but once she started school she began asking for earrings again.

Last weekend we decided to pop into the Square One Mall in Saugus to look for some living room furniture and let the kids walk off some energy.  Well of coarse Lilly spotted the accessory store from a mile away and took off running.  My first instinct was to grab her and run, knowing Aidan could cause craziness in a small store full of little sparkly things.  However as I turned my head I saw the ear piercing station and decided to let Lilly have some girly fun while Grammy took the boys upstairs to train ride.
She sat up on the chair like the little woman she thinks she is and was very excited!
The two girls working at Clair’s were awesome and very friendly, giving her a pretty teddy to hold onto.  They also did the piercing simultaneously on the two ears so I didn’t have to worry about a screaming one ear pierced child.
I was shocked all I herd was a tiny ouch and a scrunched face, and then she was all smiles with her pretty new earrings
It cost about $55 for the piercing with the little gold flower earrings and a big bottle of ear care solution.  I think the price has gone up quite a bit over the years.  I remember getting my double holes for under $25 but either way I think it was still a very reasonable price especially considering the sales associates made it a good experience for Lilly. 
Then just as I was about to round up our stuff to head out, they told me everything in the store is half off with a piercing!  So we stocked up on some fun accessories.  Lilly got 2 pairs of glasses, a diary, lip gloss and nail polish kit, Rapunzel braid hair clip, and pretty pocketbook for around $30.  
Lilly was ecstatic, and is still showing everyone her new earring and toting around all her accessories in her cute princess pocketbook.
Having a little girly-girl is so much fun! especially in a store that wall to wall, top to bottom full of sparkly fun girly things!

1 Comment on Lilly Got Her Ears Pierced and Had Some Accessories Fun at Claire’s in Saugus

  1. Richelle Silbaugh
    April 1, 2014 at 11:13 pm (4 years ago)

    Lilly is so beautiful! Ooops and she is a big girl to get her ear pierced without screaming. My hat's off for her!