Wow, I can’t believe another school year has began.  Anthony’s is now in third grade, and the twin are in there last year of preschool!

I have high hopes for this school year.  Anthony’s IEP meeting is next week, and now that I have a team of specialists from Children’s Hospital behind me, I’m hoping for a smooth meeting.  Anthony has a severe language delay, however his doctor’s at Children’s believe he can make outstanding progress if given a complete language based school day.  Another words, he should be taught language skills along side his normal math, social studies, art, exc. classes.  Basically an ESY type of format.  IEP meetings are always stressful, however I feel well prepared for this one so I am hoping this will be a transforming year for Anthony.
Aidan getting back into his schedule, improves his behavior, his sleep, his attention, and over all his entire demeanor.  It also helps our family life, because as bad as it sounds the stress break gives the hubby and me time to relax and talk or go for breakfast without the constant obstacle course of avoiding a melt down.
Lilly loves school and has been asking all summer when she could go back.  I am excited for her to continue to build her social skills, make friends, and in turn hopefully bridge the gap with her processing time.

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