Urban Decay “All Nighter” Makeup Setting Spray
As a Bare Minerals user, My skin can sometimes look powdery which I’m not a fan of.  This spray completely fixes that, and as a bonus it also keeps my makeup in place all day. 
This is my favorite version of an eye cream.  I use it all summer when my pores are more likely to get clogged from my heavier eye creams.  I also use it in the morning the rest of the year, the rolling ball has a cooling feel to it so it feels very soothing under my eyes when I first wake up.
These Simple “radiance” cleansing wipes are awesome!  I have tried a few different types of cleansing clothes to take off my makeup at night, and these are the only ones that don’t make me break out.  They cost less than $4 at CVS, I use them every time I have makeup on before I use my Proactive cleanser.
My step sister turned me on to these masks when I was a teenager and I instantly loved that they cleared up a large amount of my acne and made my skin look much nicer.  As I got older and fell into the slump of having twins with special needs, and staying in the house most days, I stopped 90% of my beauty routine and this was cut.  Now that I am getting my flow back and finding little bits of time for myself, I grabbed this immediately!  I used to always buy it at CVS but they didn’t have it at any in my area, I ended up finding a whole line of Queen Helene masks at Sally’s Beauty Supply.  I’ve been using this once a week for a month and my skin already looks much better.
This is now my favorite lip balm.  First off the obvious, the packaging is super cute!  Also the texture of the balm is perfect it soften and moisturizes my lips without being to heavy or waxy.  I have a few different flavors in my bag, and these four I grabbed at Target the other day, They had four packs on clearance for $7.
My new Rose Gold Michael Kors Watch the Hubby got me for my birthday!  I am so in love with this watch, I wear it almost everyday.  The color is perfect, it matches my silver and gold.  I also like that the watch isn’t to big or to small, its a perfect everyday watch.

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