We stayed at the Marriott Downtown.  The rooms where standard size, which is considered large when talking about NYC budget friendly hotels!  Everything was very clean and modern, the lobby was beautiful and offered an on site restaurant, Starbucks, and store.  What I really liked was that we were close to everything. We were directly across from the 9/11 memorial, a few blocks from Battery Park, and $5-$10 taxi ride to Central Park, Times Square, and Rockefeller Center.
This is the View from our room:

Anthony loved NYC, we had to explain to him a dozen times why we had to leave and when we could come back.  He kept telling me he was going to live there when he grows up.  Lilly had fun, but the candy shop was her favorite part.  Aidan did OK, better than expected, but as with all trips especially ones involving crowds, He had his ups and downs.
Anthony wants to go back soon, I’m thinking of planning a trip with just him for next summer.  I would love the mother/son bonding time, without the stress of worrying about the little ones.  I think he really deserves the time too, sense so much of our daily lives has to revolve around Aidan’s needs.

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