Happy Birthday Missile
Our Puppy Turned 1!

We added Missile to our family last November.  I grew up with a dog and wanted the same for my children, but was extremely hesitant to add on an additional responsibility after finding out Aidan had autism.  I put off getting a dog for months, dispite the constant begging from the kids and my husband really wanting one too.  Finally I caved in and we brought home Missile who Anthony had to name after Fin McMissile from Cars 2 (his favorite movie at the time).  We’ve made it past the puppy years and great fully he’s calmed down a lot, but even through the teething and potty training I’ve always had to admit getting him has been one of the best things for Aidan.  Aidan snuggles with him, wrestles with him, runs with him, and just gets so much input from missile that this dog has the power to turn a horrible meltdown into a not so bad one.  Their bond is remarkable!  Missile has definitely been a perfect addition to our family.

1 Comment on Happy Birthday Missile ~ A Doggie Birthday

  1. 2justByou
    August 14, 2013 at 3:21 am (4 years ago)

    Oh. My. Gosh. The pics with Missile and the kiddos are absolutely precious!!! The birthday cake is uber cute, and I'm glad you caved in and got a puppy for the family. Looks like it was a great decision. =0)
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